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DragonFlagon Curvy Walls

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Adds Bezier Curves and Ellipse tools to the walls layer. This gives you the ability to generate wall segments along a curve quickly and easily. You can also increase or decrease the number of wall segments used along the curve.
Cubic Bezier Curve Quadratic Bezier Curve Ellipse With Slicing
Cubic Curve Quadratic Curve Elliptic Curve

Bezier Curves

Supports both a Quadratic and Cubic curve to give differing forms of curve generation. The Quadratic curve may be of very niche use, but the Cubic is very powerful and will provide great ways to create "just the right" curve.


Ellipse Curve

Generates a simple ellipse that can be squished and stretched. You can cut a "slice" out of the ellipse to create an opening, and you can specify the arc offset of the walls so the segments are position at the right point along the curve.


Uses the Current Wall Type Selection

Wall Type Selection


Community Libraries Used




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Latest Changes

Release 1.3.4 (2021-02-15)

  • Potential fix for a randomly occurring error.
  • Fixed the url for the Manifest+ Media Cover (was missing the image).

Release 1.3.2/3 (2021-02-04

Release 1.3.1 (2021-02-03)

Release 1.3.0 (2021-01-28)

Release 1.2.1 (2021-01-24)

Release 1.2.0( 2021-01-23

  • Added label to display the current angle snap of the Ellipse Tool.
  • Added label to display the current number of line segments.
  • Bug Fix: Extended Tool menu was not opening properly when switching tools. Would only work for which ever tool was first opened.

Release 1.1.1 (2021-01-23)

Release 1.1.0 (2021-01-22)


Ellipse Tool

       45° (8 steps around the circle)
       30° (12 steps around the circle)
       15° (24 steps around the circle) ⇐ DEFAULT
      7.5° (48 steps around the circle)
     3.75° (96 steps around the circle)

Cubic Bezier

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  1. Version 1.3.4