Delta Green: Operation FULMINATE

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Operation FULMINATE: “The Sentinels of Twilight”

In which the Agents learn that not all those who are lost should be found.

Since the inception of the national park system, over 1,100 people have been reported missing inside their confines, many of them children. Often, missing children are found far from where they vanished, with no shoes or other clothing. Some are found dead. Some are never found at all.

Something is taking people from national parks, and it might not be precisely human.

Operational Briefing

  1. The Agents must go to the Rancheria Falls Trailhead ranger station in the Hetch Hetchy region of Yosemite National Park. They are to investigate the unexpected recovery of a six-year-old child who was found wandering naked in a field by a ranger, early Saturday (yesterday) morning.
  2. The child identified himself as Brandon McGill of Topeka, Kansas, and asked to call his parents. After a brief conversation, the parents were beside themselves with confusion and tearful excitement and said they would depart for Yosemite immediately. They purchased tickets on the next available flight, departing at 6:30 A.M. on Sunday morning (today).
  3. After the confusing conversation with the family, the supervising park ranger contacted the FBI. He texted photos of Brandon McGill, and the FBI matched them with earlier photos. Much earlier photos.
  4. Brandon McGill disappeared from the Hetch Hetchy area in 1980 at age 6. If still alive, he should be more than 40 years old.
  5. San Francisco-based FBI Special Agent Delilah Sands—a Delta Green asset—noticed the bulletin, and used her credentials as a child psychology specialist to muscle her way into the investigation. She has disrupted it as much as possible, “accidentally” sending confusing messages that delayed the FBI’s response. Other Delta Green assets in the FBI held up response with apparently inept legal and jurisdictional wrangling.
  6. The Program hastily scrambled a team (the players’ Agents) for Operation FULMINATE. The Agents get the call Saturday afternoon, with orders to depart at once for a briefing with their case officer.
  7. Sunday morning, the Agents meet their case officer in a secure meeting room in a small office building that poses as an accounting firm. It is a CIA front company, and everyone there assumes the Agents are on some official CIA-related operation and knows better than to ask questions.

Operational Objectives

The case officer conveys the team’s orders:

Locate the child.

Identify the child.

Determine whether an unnatural threat is in the area.

Remove the unnatural threat.

Make the outcome appear mundane.

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