Dungeon Crawl Classics: Jewels of the Carnifex

An Add-on Module by Goodman Games

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At the end of a forgotten back alley, in the weird and otherworldly marketplace of faiths known as the Bazaar of the Gods, stands the ruins of a forgotten chapel. Once the cult of the Carnifex was celebrated throughout the City of a Thousand Gates. But a band of holy warriors rose against the cult of executioners and torturers, casting down her signs and scattering her devotees to the winds. The fate of the cthonic goddess, and – more importantly – her fabled jewels remains a mystery…until this night.

Set amid the sprawling decadence of Punjar, Jewels of the Carnifex offers low-level adventurers a chance to plumb the mysteries beneath the city’s soiled streets, explore forgotten crypts lavished with weird artifacts, and – for the quick and daring – claim the lost Jewels of the Carnifex!

An Level 3 adventure for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game, Jewels of the Carnifex is a great way to challenge more experienced characters.

It includes all the book text and art from the module, as well as custom made maps and tokens made from module art.

"Lost in the Briars", a bonus module added in later printings, is not included.

Jewels of the Carnifex Cover
A Foundry VTT adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games.


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The book text is available in English only.  This module is not licensed for additional languages, and creating such translations would need to be worked out directly with Goodman Games.

Purchased licenses are not transferrable.

Converted by the DCC Foundry Volunteer Team (specifically Tim L. White).


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