Package Description


Simple inspection tool for actor and item data.

The dialog has 4 modes:

  • Roll Data... for inspecting data accessible by formulas or anything else fed to Roll.
  • Derived Data... which is the raw actor/item data as the system, macros and modules see it.
  • Source Data... the permanently stored data, mostly useful for system and module development, or anything that interacts with the permanently stored data.
  • Override Data... for data unlinked tokens override in the base actor.


(from version 1.2.0)


  • This does not hide secret data.

Latest version (3.0.0)

  • Fix: Parent actor detection was incorrect for most systems.
  • New: Override view, showing unlinked token overrides to the source actor.
  • New: Foundry v10 compatibility.

Previous Version (2.2.0)

  • Added infinite loop guard for data recursion.
  • Fix: Document and DocumentData found in data caused infinite loops.
  • Slightly better handling of Map.

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