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Map Packs by D&Demetrius Released in the first half of 2024


In the heart of the woods, near an unimportant location, nestled between ancient oaks and whispering willows, stood a lonely tower, a dark edifice shrouded in mystery and fear. Its black spires pierced the sky, casting a shadow that seemed to defy the very light around it. Legends spun by the local bards told of an enigmatic figure who had long ago delved into forbidden magic, using the powers of the dead to amass an army of spectral minions."

Variants: Day, Night, Fog, Rain, Sunset ,Swamp, Winter, Underdark 


"In the realm of Hollow Grove, nestled atop the treacherous Winding Cliff, the annual Harvest Moon Festival was a time of revelry and mystical traditions. This village, perched precariously on the edge of a deep chasm, had its own unique traditions, one of which was the Pumpkin Ritual, a mysterious and enchanting practice that was believed to keep the village safe from the pumpkin-spirits of the abyss.



Variants: Day, Night, Sunset, Creeping Mists, Storm, Winter, Haunted, Underdark, Spider Hill, Fey, Eldritch Flesh Mound, Hellish Cliff


"High amid the craggy peaks, Raven's Perch Castle stood as a sentinel, its ancient stones weathered by the ceaseless winds that swept through the mountain pass. Carved into the sheer rock face, the fortress seemed an extension of the very mountains that cradled it. For centuries, it served as a bastion, its narrow entryway guarded by towering walls that bore the scars of countless conflicts."


Variants: Day, Night, Sunset, Storm, Winter, Mists, Underdark, Coastal, Ruins


"Tucked near the tranquil hot springs, the adventurer's camp buzzes with activity. Tents stand in an organized array, worn from countless expeditions, while lively chatter fills the air as adventurers prepare for their next escapades. Blades are sharpened against whetstones, maps scrutinized, and tales of daring conquests echo amid the crackling fires that flicker against the backdrop of the steaming pools.

Amidst the camp's fervor, the hot springs offer a serene reprieve. Adventurers weary from their travels find solace in the therapeutic embrace of the waters, their aches and wounds soothed by the mineral-rich springs. Here, amidst the anticipation of the unknown, the tranquility of the springs grants a fleeting respite, a momentary oasis before the call of adventure beckons once more."


Variants: Day, Night, Sunset, Storm, Winter, Dried up, Underdark, Toxic, Haunted


In the desolate expanse of the frozen north, a fellowship of adventurers ventured through the biting winds and icy plains in search of a lost relic said to hold the key to restoring balance to their war-torn realm. The ground, a quilt of powdery snow, crunched underfoot with each step, the frozen expanse stretching far and wide. Jagged peaks loomed in the distance, their snow-capped crests disappearing into the veil of low-hanging clouds.


Variants: Day, Night, Sunset, Aurora Borealis, Blizzard, Ruins, Volcanic, Lovecraftian Horrors, Spring Thaw


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Variants: Day, Night, Only Lights, Empty, Frozen Cavern


"Enter the Magitech Marvels Workshop, a mesmerizing nexus of mystical prowess and mechanical ingenuity. The air crackles with the fusion of arcane energies and the rhythmic clinks of enchanted tools. Illuminated by suspended crystals and adorned with pulsating runes, this bustling enclave hosts skilled artisans and engineers collaborating on the creation of fantastical contraptions. In one corner, wizards meticulously inscribe protective runes on enchanted armor, while across the room, engineers forge gears for clockwork constructs. Aetherial enchanters imbue everyday items with magical properties, and alchemists concoct elixirs to fuel the machines' arcane engines. Welcome to a realm where magic and technology entwine, and the Magitech Marvels Workshop thrives as a crucible of innovation."


Variants: Day, Night, Desert, Arctic, Steam, Mana Factory, Space, Abandoned, Overgrown


Deep within the dense and vibrant jungle, the Jungle Sanctum stands as an ancient testament to forgotten rituals. Stone structures rise amidst verdant vegetation, the air heavy with the scent of exotic flora.

As you approach, the rhythmic beat of drums becomes audible. Climbing up the stairs towards the sounds, treading on stones centuries, even millennia, old, you find priests in vibrant attire surrounding a stone altar. A sacrificial figure lies bound, eyes wide with a mix of fear and acceptance.


Variants: Day, Night, Desert, Foggy, Haunting Mists, Rain, Blood Ritual, Spell Ritual, Ruins


Standing a top a small hill and surrounded by grasslands, Starhaven Castle is a marvel, not only due to its star shaped size, making it a formidable structure for attackers, but more because of its magical nature. A magical ward envelops the entire fortress, shimmering with an ethereal glow that changes hues from dawn to dusk. The ward serves not only as a protective barrier but also as a spectacle, casting a radiant display of arcane patterns in the night sky. At the center of it stands a tall cathedral, otherworldly hues of blue and purple shining through its stained windows. Some say, a perpetual symphony of priests chant ceaselessly to maintain the ward. Others claim that a magical artifact is places in the middle of it that keeps the castle safe. Now, here's where you come in to play....
~ Quest giver


Variants: Day, Night, Sunset, Winter, Creeping Mists, Storm, Abyssal Mists, Underdark, Evil Ward, Warded and Unwarded Versions of all Variants


Many a tale has been told of the Life-Giver Fountain near Evergreen. Some speak of a sacred site, blessed by a deity in times ancient and forgotten. Others call it cursed, its blessings foul and wicked. Others yet speak of something from...beyond. Something that was not built nor raised but fell from the stars


Variants: Day, Night, Sunset, Fog, Frozen Day, Frozen Night, Rain, Overgrown, Haunted, Blood Fountain, Fey Fountain, Colors from Beyond


"At the center of the dungeon lies the accursed seat of the fiend-lord. Surrounded by the bones and corpses of his fallen enemies, and watered by a blood fountain that nourishes him from the skull of his greatest victim, he lies there waiting for a new challenger to enter. The dungeon itself is as great of a threat as he is, for the tormented souls know no rest. This place's necrotic essence attracts all sorts of conjurers and necromancers, that slither in the shadows, performing eldritch rituals to long forgotten gods. So be wary, heroes, for his acolytes will throw themselves at you, with burning rage and hatred they will shout; "SKULLS, FOR THE SKULL THRONE".
~Old sage


Variants: Infernal and Lich, Abyssal and Unseelie, Vampiric, Alternate Unseelie Coloration


"Heh, finally luck shines on us!", said our rogue, greedily rubbing his empty coin-pouch. "This will be the easier haul we've had yet!". Not a second after these words left his mouth, I heard a massive crack.
"Uhhh, did you guys hear that...crack"?
~Excerpt from a bloody journal


Variants: Day, Night, Mimic (6 Phases), Eldritch, Hellish, Chocolate, Golden, Spider


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