Package Description

For the Fountry Virtual Tabletop (FVTT), this module helps you to cycle through tokens that are stacked upon one another using left-mouse clicks or using '[' and ']' hotkeys to jump a token to the top or bottom of the stack.



  • Left-click on a token will either select it (if unselected) or invoke a cycle action which selects the next token in the stack and brings it to the top of the stack. Each subsequent left-click will cycle the stack once.
  • A hotkey (default is '[') will move the token under the mouse to the top of the stack. Very handy to pull a partially obsured token to the forefront.
  • A hotkey (default is ']') will move the token under the mouse to the bottom of the stack. Very handy to get vehicles under the player tokens.
  • Hotkeys are customizable on a player-by-player basis.
  • In "select target" mode, the cycling of the stack is disabled.
  • A stack is defined as any tokens overlapping with the current token being hovered over by the mouse. It may include tokens that are not directly under the mouse cursor. This is done so that small tokens buried behind a large token can be retrieved without knowing the precise location of the buried token.


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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.5.1

  2. Version 0.5.3

  3. Version 0.5.4