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An Epic Magazine for Fifth Edition on Foundry VTT


Crucible Magazine is an exciting full-color magazine available in Foundry VTT physical print, and digital PDF (which is also included if you purchase the Foundry or Print copies) that is made for the fifth edition of the world’s greatest tabletop roleplaying game!

Taking our cues from the magazines of the past, but putting in our own modern twists, each issue will contain over 90 pages jam-packed with unique game-ready content for the whole table! 

Crucible Magazine provides all of that… and more!


Free Launch Issue: Lairs


Four Fantastic Adventures with 9 Beautiful Battle Maps

This issue includes 4 brand new adventures perfect for a wide range of levels and each one is complete with dramatic battle maps, unique creatures, interesting NPCs, beautiful artwork, custom items, and a deep lore that you can use outright or pick and choose pieces of it to flesh out your world.


Adventures: The Heavenly Horde

The Adventures Ahead of You:

Adventures: Sea Giant's Cove & Draxorn Delve

Our content is made by Foundry VTT users for Foundry VTT users and our detailed maps are made with Foundry VTT specifically in mind, utilizing precision walling, dynamic lighting, ambient sounds, core canopy features as well as placed journal entries to quickly reference area descriptions and details. We use a number of popular modules such as Token Attacher to create interactive puzzles (complete with hidden DM notes on how to use them), Monk's Active Tile Triggers, Token Scroller, and Compendium Folders.


Adventures: Prison of the Arachlex

Two Brand New Subclasses

This issue brings a brand new subclass for Wizards and Rangers. Each subclass is configured to automatically apply all of your new class features as you level up so there's no pesky book keeping as your players grow stronger.

School of Summoning Wizard

Many wizards dabble in the conjuration and summoning of powerful creatures, but devotees of the School of Summoning are the only ones who have truly mastered the art. Known as summoners, they are experts in the mystical binding of elemental powers and fiendish pacts between demons and devils. While other wizards struggle with controlling their minions, summoners have an indomitable will that bends even the most obstinate to their wishes.

Dungeon Strider Ranger

Dungeon Striders are rangers who dedicate themselves to traversing the dungeons and catacombs that are left behind in the wilderness. Whether hired by remote villages to ensure that ancient ruins are cleared of dangerous creatures or by adventuring parties seeking glory within underground corridors, Dungeon Striders spend a majority of their lives braving precarious structures and clearing deadly hazards that other rangers will never have to face.

Sublclasses and Magic Items

DM Goodies: Plot Hooks, Magic Items, and other Supplements

Even More Exciting Content in the Magazine

Outside of the Foundry VTT playable content in the PDF and printed magazine, we have our 4-page graphic comic Legends Of The Freelands: The Forgotten Warrior, our  “Dear Direlords” informative agony aunt round table, and in this issue an in-depth interview with the Luke Gygax!

Buy this issue for Foundry VTT or print, back issues, and even pre-order future issue bundles from our webshop now!

Ready for an adventure?

The Direlord: Pradyx

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