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Invisible Stalkers should only be seen by players that have cast See Invisibility. Stealthy Goblins should only be seen by players with high perception. And when that Drow casts Darkness, players should need Devil's Sight to see any tokens inside.

Conditional Visibility allows you to set conditions on tokens via the HUD, macros, or (5e only) on stealth rolls that will hide them from players whose senses cannot perceive that condition, while showing it to those who do.

ConditionsVision Panel

It creates new Status Effects - Invisible, Obscured, In Darkness, and Hidden (5e only).  When a token is Invisible, Obscured, or In Darkness, only those players with compatible senses set on their Vision panel will see the token; the token will not show for other players.  When hidden is applied, the token automatically rolls a stealth check, which can be customized before closing, and only players with a higher Passive Perception will see the token.

Note: Not compatible with systems that use their own condition mechanism, such as Pathfinder 2e.

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  1. Version 0.0.6

  2. Version 0.0.7

  3. Version 0.0.8

  4. Version 0.0.9

  5. Version 0.1.4