Package Description

Compendium Browser

Tired of scrolling compendia? Easily brows and filter for spells, feats, items, and NPCs using Compendium Browser.


NEW Compendium Browser

is faster and better-behaved; it no longer loads all the compendia into memory on start-up (which sometimes hung servers because of memory or CPU requirements). Instead, it filters and loads on-demand, as well as giving you a Module Setting to control how many rows are loaded at a time.



  • Authors: Discord: Spetzel#0103; Felix (
  • Version: 0.4.2
  • Foundry VTT Compatibility: 0.7.2-0.7.9
  • System Compatibility (If applicable): dnd5e
  • Translation Support: en , fr, ja, pt-BR



  1. Go to the Add-on Modules tab in Foundry Setup
  2. Click Install Module and search for Compendium Browser OR paste this link: ``
  3. Open your world and go to Settings>Manage Modules and enable Compendium Browser


Required Game Systems

  1. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 1.5.3 Last Updated 1 month, 1 week ago

Tagged Categories

  1. Overhauls or Feature Suites

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.4.2-spetzel2020

  2. Version 0.4.3

  3. Version 0.4.5

  4. Version 0.5

  5. Version 0.6.1

  6. Version 0.7.1