Package Description

Shows an animation with sound to players to alert them about their next turn, also an alert when its now their turn.

Combat Ready is a system agnostic module about being ready for combat, it features:

  • Timer for combatants
  • Alerts players when they are next in the combat
  • Alerts players when is their turn in combat
  • Plays a clock sound to remind them to hurry up in the lasts seconds of the timer
  • Plays an alert when their time runs out
  • Auto skip the turn if the time runs out
  • Timer on demand
  • When its their turn automatically pan to their token and select them (no more where i was?)
  • Allows to create themes for animations and timers, see: Combat Ready Themes Set

All features are customizables.

Combat Ready is currently spected to work with FVTT version 9

Tagged Categories

  1. Combat Enhancements

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.2.2

  2. Version 1.3.0

  3. Version 1.4.0

  4. Version 1.4.1

  5. Version 2.0.0

  6. Version 3.0.0

  7. Version 3.1.0

  8. Version 3.2.0

  9. Version 3.2.1

  10. Version 4.0.0

  11. Version 4.1.0

  12. Version 4.1.1

  13. Version 4.2.0