Package Description

Combat Booster

Speed up your combat with Recent actions(dnd5e only), Turn Marker and other smaller tweaks

Recent actions

Show the latest used actions, customize, how many, how many columns and more.


Turn Marker

Show a turn marker on the current combatant, customize size, transparency, rotation - animated webms supported


Other Features

Body Pile: Pile dead npcs on the top left corner of the canvas or create a token named "pile" to pile them there

Notifications: Play a sound on a player's turn, customize the volume and display a text notification


The included blueRunes,tolkienmarker,italianpride images were created by Simone (Simone [UTC +2]#6710 on discord)

The included rune style images are created by Rin (rin#0002 on Discord)

The DoubleSquare images are created by Wassily (Wassily #8035 on Discord)

The BlueCirlce image was created by Jinker (Jinker #8073 on Discord)

The Red, Yellow and Green circle images are created by Brimcon (Brimcon #1485 on Discord)

The DoubleSquareMuted and PointedCircleMuted images are made by hobolyra (hobolyra #0967 on Discord)

The cycle/oldwest/puzzle/rqhdg-6ypzz/runes.webm files are made by cefasheli on github

Tagged Categories

  1. Combat Enhancements
  2. Visual Effects

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.4

  2. Version 1.9

  3. Version 2.6.1

  4. Version 2.7.2