Package Description

This module allows you to keep track of temporary effects in the Combat Tracker.

It uses the additional resource that can be displayed in the Combat Tracker and lowers the resource by 1 on each turn of a specified actor.


How it works

  1. Set the module settings to the correct resource that you use in your Combat Tracker
  2. Create a new Combatant for the desired effect and give it the [Effect] prefix, e.g. [Effect] Bardic Inspiration
  3. Give the effect's Combatant an Initiative value that puts it where you want it to be in the Combat Tracker
  4. Set the resource of your effect's Combatant that you track in your Combat Tracker to the desired duration in turns, e.g. Armor Class = 10 for a duration of 1 minute
  5. That's it - each time the Combat Tracker reaches [Effect] Bardic Inspiration, it will reduce its Armor Class by 1, and when it reaches 0 you'll know that the effect is over!


Under the module's settings you can choose whatever resource you want to use to keep track of the duration (e.g. HP instead of Armor Class). I only tried it with DnD 5e, but in theory it should work with all game systems. Let me know on Github if you find any issues and we'll see what we can do!


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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.2