Cute Creatures Compendium

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An Assortment of Adorable Critters for DnD 5e


Discover and Befriend Fantastic Cute Creatures!

Unique and mysterious creatures breathe life to fantasy realms, inspiring adventurers to seek them out to discover their secrets or just to make new friends.

In this fully illustrated Catilus module, gamemasters and players alike will find an assortment of fantastic creatures that have one thing in common: they are all cute! From tiny critters and adorable robobeasts, to a gargantuan being of whimsy that can challenge even the mightiest of foes, each creature in this book is adorable in its own unique way.

Expand worldbuilding and create exciting new adventure hooks as a gamemaster or befriend cute and sometimes powerful companions and discover new playing styles as a player.

This module includes stat blocks, rich lore, and colored illustrations for each creature; as well as optional rules, lists, and tables to spice up gameplay, including rules on how to summon suitable creatures to act as familiars or steeds!

Time to make some new friends!

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This Module Includes:

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