Package Description

Bounty Hunter TTRPG

Become the greatest Bounty Hunter in region! Get your contract, find your contact, take ‘em down, and bring ‘em home for the reward and the renown. This is a diceless TTRPG system designed by award-winning GM Guy Sclanders from the YouTube channel How to be a Great GM. This package is made exclusively for use on Foundry VTT.

Featuring a host of premade NPCs, Starships, and all the rules from the core rulebook this is the best way to play in a sci-fi setting without getting bogged down in the rules.

To pick up a copy of the actual rules, head on over to where you’ll find all the books and more!


  • Fully interactive Character Sheet

  • Character Creation

  • Starship sheet – including full management of roles, weapons, and multiple weapons

  • Combat tracker for phase management

  • Includes content from the rulebook:
    • Skills
    • Abilities
    • Items
    • Starships - with tokens
    • Starship Components
    • Adversaries and NPCs – with tokens

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.2