Package Description

This is a module for dnd5e that allows the DM to always hide the results of specified skills, initiative rolls, or death saves from players. This is handy in case you don't want the results of an Insight or Perception check to tip your players off. Supports vanilla dnd5e and Better Rolls (with or without DSN). Other rolling modules may or may not work.

Compatibility / Known Issues

These are systems/modules that I either actively work to maintain or have somehow tested. Status for these modules is up to date as of v0.7.0 of this module, and the specified versions of the listed modules. I don't update these with every release, so they may end up out of date.


These are the systems and modules I actively work to maintain. If there are issues with these, bug reports are fair game.

Partial Support

These are modules that I've tested this module alongside, but don't actively work to maintain. If there are issues with these, you probably want to file a feature request issue rather than a bug report.


Using The Manifest URL

  1. Open up Foundry
  2. Navigate to the Add-On Modules tab
  3. Click Install Module
  4. Paste the following URL into the Manifest URL text field:
  5. Click Install

Got Questions?

Contact me on Discord (CRASH1115#2944).


Required Game Systems

  1. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 1.3.5 Last Updated 4 days, 14 hours ago

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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.6.0

  2. Version 0.7.0

  3. Version 0.7.1