Package Description

A game system implementation for Blades in the Dark for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Contact megastruktur#5704 on Discord in case you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions.


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Compatible Modules

- Added support for Dice So Nice V2


"Item" - all classes, crew types, upgrades, items, abilities, upgrades, etc.

  • To reset reputation, exp, etc counters just click on the label name.

  • Health clock can be reset by clicking on "Healing" table header.

  • To add items you can click a corresponding link or drag items from compendium/game to the sheet.

  • All "class/crew" specific items are prefixed with first letters

  • I don't want the "class/crew items" to be prepopulated, so the character sheet contains less "compendium" info.

  • To see the description of Class, Vice, Background, etc you can just click added item and see all the info in the popup.

  • When adding a new item you can hower a "question-circle" icon to see the item's description.

  • To add Custom abilities just add a new "Foundry Item" of the corresponding type and fill all the necessary info. Then drag it to the sheet or add via button on a sheet.


  • (C) Cutter
  • (G) Ghost
  • (H) Hound
  • (Hu) Hull
  • (Le) Leech
  • (Lu) Lurk
  • (Sl) Slide
  • (Sp) Spider
  • (V) Vampire
  • (W) Whisper

Crew Types:

  • (A) Assassins
  • (B) Bravos
  • (C) Cult
  • (H) Hawkers
  • (Sh) Shadows
  • (Sm) Smugglers

Current Screenshots (v0.5)




Clocks are now here!
- To add clock go to Actors tab and create a new Actor of type "🕛 clock".
- To share it to other players just drag it to a scene.


Supported languages

- English

- Russian

- Spanish

- Polish


To be done in the nearest future

  • Friends/rivals section


  • If you can't find the drag-n-dropped item, refer to "All Items" tab on each sheet

Credits and License

Available Versions

  1. Version 2.17

  2. Version 3.4.0

  3. Version 3.5

  4. Version 3.6

  5. Version 3.7

  6. Version 3.9

  7. Version 3.11

  8. Version 3.12

  9. Version 3.13

  10. Version 3.15

  11. Version 3.16

  12. Version 3.17