Package Description

Babele is a module for runtime translation of Compendium packs.

Babele obtains translation from configuration files in json format and applies them on the original compendium, overwriting the mapped properties of the entity in memory without altering the original content, in this way it is not necessary to keep a compendium copy with the sole purpose of translating their contents.

It is also possible to provide a mapping of the translated fields, so that you can add different properties based on the pack you want to translate.

Tagged Categories

  1. Translation and Localization
  2. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.9

  2. Version 1.10

  3. Version 1.11

  4. Version 1.12

  5. Version 1.14

  6. Version 1.15

  7. Version 1.16

  8. Version 1.17

  9. Version 1.19

  10. Version 1.20

  11. Version 1.22

  12. Version 1.25

  13. Version 1.27