Package Description

Anima Beyond Fantasy Game System


This is the unofficial system for Anima Beyond Fantasy for Foundry VTT, developed with the knowledge and agreement of Anima Project Studio.


The system provides character sheet and some game mechanic support such as managed combat support or other minimum character sheet automation. Also, provides dice mechanics and some compendia like:


- (ES) Weapons, Armors and Magic


Right now, we are only supporting the Spanish compendia, but, we love all the community support, so, if you want to translate or create your compendium and propose it to the system, here you can do it.


Community Contribution


As we said before, we love community support, so if you have some system improvement, bug, idea, or code improvement, we are all ears. Here you can add all of it.




Available Versions

  1. Version v1.11.4

  2. Version v1.11.6

  3. Version v1.12.1

  4. Version v1.12.5

  5. Version v1.13.0

  6. Version v1.14.0