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Maps from Angela Maps Patreon in Mid 2022


Executioner -

Gallows, guillotine, or stockades? No matter what trouble your adventures got themselves into, this map series has something to bring them to justice. Unless… they manage to escape…I have made a gallows, a guillotine and stockades, and put all three forms of punishment in both the city and the country.


Portals - 

Where do these portals lead? Maybe the sea portal leads to the sea… or maybe you enter one of these portals and exit another of them. There are three portals: sea, fire and steampunk. I have animated all of these which which you can see in the preview below.


Mountain Pass - 

You head through the narrow pass in the mountains, winding up slightly as you go. The morning fog has settled into the low areas, the air is clean and crisp. You hear a stone tumble down from above. You look around. And there he is, the biggest, meanest looking yeti you have ever seen. And he’s looking right at you. Roll for initiative.


Abyss -

Just a super safe bridge across a dark mysterious abyss. Head on over, you’ll be fine. I promise.


Got my Eye on You-

This is why you shouldn’t let your druid take a level in warlock! I hope you watch the video and are at least a little creeped out by this  This is my eyeball garden. There are also 2 more animated maps in this map pack. One is a siege with an eyeball guarding the door, amongst other things. The second is a weird round bridge with an eyeball motif.


Go To Hell-

Hell is not a pleasant place. Hot and fiery, the smell of sulfur heavy in the air. And the beings native to this plane are most unpleasant. I really can’t recommend going… but adventures are going to adventure.


Cathedral of the Fallen Angel-

This is a dark, ominous cathedral. It could be a good cathedral, but seems more likely it’s evil. There are three alternate versions of this cathedral. One is the same cathedral again with a human sacrifice in progress. One is an icy cold version, and the last is a green death version.


Fey Forest Village-

Here is a cute little widescreen village in the woods for your heroes to visit. Defiantly has a fey vibe to it. I bet that water in the middle is magical… but is it good or bad?



This greenhouse is used to grow crops in areas you might not otherwise be able to. I have underwater, arctic, desert and moon versions of this map. Perhaps in your game food is in high demand and your heroes are charged to protect it. Or maybe you are the ones stealing the food.



It’s the classic quest… such and such bad guy is hiding down in the sewers, go stop him! Here you have some rather gross sewers where you might encounter your villain. I have also made a cleaner sewer, perhaps more of a storm drain than a place for waste, as well as a fiery sewer for the depths of hell.


The Sweet Adeline-

The Sweet Adeline is the height of luxury travel. Get to your destination in style by renting a room on this beautiful air ship. All rooms come with large windows to view the skies and land below while you relax on your flight. The main deck features a sky bar and shuffle board area as well as a chance to take in the open air. Enjoy a fabulous dinner atop the balloon with a once in a lifetime view. Also included are a crew level where the crew sleeps and the food is prepared, as well as a level for powering and piloting the ship. Although all levels are accessible with stairs or narrow ladders, teleporters are located throughout the ship to make movement within easy. Yellow to staff areas, Red to guest areas.


Rainbow Jungle-

Where do you think this area is? I like to play a lot with light and color and that is how this map came to be. I also made a plethora of other color variants. Ok 8, I made 8 color variants. Some of these are a bit more natural colors, some a bit more glowy like they might be in a more specific area.



One of the first maps I made was a library in both functioning and destroyed state. I wanted to revisit this idea so I made this new three story library. The idea is that this is a somewhat magical library and up on the third floor there is a hidden room that houses a very powerful book. Perhaps your adventurers need to find it, steal it, or protect it. In the alternate version I also have the trashed version of the library. I did two versions of the third floor, one with the book still there, and one with it stolen.



Welcome to the Emerald Dragon Arena. I’ll let you decided if the dragon head is real or fake. What is defiantly real is the epic battles that take place here. This giant stadium hosts countless death battles, all for the amusement of the queen and her subjects. The stadium is shaded by awnings that are enchanted to resist magic, and circled with tiered standing areas for the common folk to view and cheer on the action.
















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