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Maps from Angela Maps Patreon in Mid 2021


Endless Wizard Tower -

The Endless Wizard Tower consists of 37 ready to go floors as well as 2 blank floors for whatever you might need. The way I envisioned it is that the floors don’t go in any particular order. 


Hellscapes - 

Sending your players to hell? These maps should do the trick! One of the first maps I ever made was of Avernus and I have been wanting to make some updated maps. There are three maps: one with a lava river, one with a dragon (or other flying creature) skeleton, and one featuring the river Styx


Road to Dis - 

This is a map of the road to Dis, the second layer of the nine hells, paved in skulls. It would go great with my  hellscape maps if you were campaigning in this area :) But could also be used for any sort of desolate scary area you needed a battle.


Magical Forge -

Rock sprouts up from the hot lava, powerful magical stones encased within. Magic is thick in the air, if you want to forge a magical weapon, or anything magical, this is the place to do it. You can feel the power you are imbuing into your work.



I started making this like… a metal planet that you were ripping into, and these parts were bursting out. And you could certainly play it that way. But it could also be a Modron burial ground, though that’s a bit sad, I like those little guys. But more generally I think it works as an all purpose scrap yard.


The Devil Advocate-

Looking for a lawyer in the nine hells? Drawing up some binding documents? Then you’ll need to visit the office of this devil advocate. Just be careful what you sign!  There are two variations of this map. First, a normal non-devil law office version. Second is a ‘legally blond’ version of the map, because I couldn’t resist.


Orc Camp-

This is a peaceful little orc encampment on the bank of a small river. They hunt, raise pigs, and fish in the river to fill their days. Oh, and they don’t like you coming to visit. So you better roll for initiative.


Temple of Sune-

Outside Hill’s Edge, in the Trielta Hills, hides a quaint sanctuary to Sune, Goddess of beauty. Here, lies a beautiful Shrine and Spa catering to those who need some pampering or are trying to change their looks to impress a potential client or love interest. In desperate times, healing and restorative magics can be found here (for an appropriate donation).


Lady of Pain-

This is located in Sigil, city of doors. In the center of the courtyard is a Lady of Pain statue in the middle of a fountain. There is no plant life other than the razorvine.


Metro Station-

The long abandoned metro/subway/train station has certainly seen better days. Two tracks, an abandoned and destroyed train, and plenty of rubble fill this map.


Opera House-

The opera house, the perfect place to take in a show and relax. Or perhaps to be a performer. Maybe a battle that starts for show turns into something more sinister!  Normal, dark, and emerald green variants are available.


The Yawning Portal-

The Yawning Portal is a famous inn and tavern located in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. Adventurers can meet all sorts of colorful characters here. The place is a stone building with a slate roof and several chimneys. Most of the ground floor is taken up by the tavern’s common room, which contains an open well (actually the outer shell of a sunken stone tower) that descends 140 feet to the first level of Undermountain, the sprawling dungeon under Waterdeep. A rope-and-pulley mechanism is used to lower adventurers into the well and hoist them out. 



There is some sort of weird Stonehenge like structure on this island. And in the middle of it, a ritual of sorts. What is being summoned here? Can you stop it in time? Or will you have to fight it.



Old western style saloon. Lower floor has the bar. Upper floor has rooms for entertainment or just for adventurers to sleep depending on the type of game you’re playing.  Also an abandoned, trashed version of the place.


Minauros -

Minauros as a layer was described as an endless bog of vile pollution, decaying bodies, and rotting marsh, repeatedly drenched by rain, sleet, and hail storms. The soggy, bone-strewn, disease-ridden swampland made movement very difficult and was only broken occasionally by serpentine ridges of volcanic rock. Nameless creatures even the devils feared inhabited the swamp. Minauros as a realm was depicted as a broad but low-vaulted cavern connected to Dis. An oily water percolated through the roof of the cave and rained down upon swamps, deserts of mud and oozing black soil, pockmarked by bubbling fumaroles and mud geysers. 



This map pack has three city related maps.  First an alley to do your dirty work, second a full zoomed out city street, and finally a simple city gate.



This map pack is made up of four underdark maps.  Two versions of the same waterfall, an area near a river, and a random land area.  All feature glowing orange crystals and are populated with mushrooms.



Take a scroll through the gardens. Stop by the fountain, smell the flowers. Perhaps an evening stroll is more to your liking? Or maybe something happened to throw the garden into ruins.


Titan's Rise-

Lifted high in the sky by the stone titan is a throne. Who will sit upon it? Will they send you on a mission or will you battle them here?  Also water and lava versions.


Stock Roads-

Your heroes need to make their way form point A to point B. Along the road, they run into some sort of trouble. A fight breaks out. Sound familiar? Here are five different roads for your collection the next time you need your heroes to have a fight on the road, plus each of the maps in a night version, for a total of 10 maps.


White Dragon Cave-

Pure magical ice creates a floor for the white dragon’s lair, above the hot magma you can see glowing below. Treasures embedded into the walls and horded in a pile. But during your epic battle, the ice cracks and breaks… and eventually melts beneath your feet.


Pharaoh's Tomb-

The young pharaoh is buried with his wife and slaves in this tomb. They were happy to die to go with him to the after life. Beware the traps and the dangerous sphynx. Seek out his treasure at your own risk, or discover great archeological finds.
























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