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Temple of the Healing Goddess - Some temples spend lavishly on ceremony and ornaments, while others use tithes to line the pockets of their priests or purchase weapons to arm their holy warriors. Sometimes, however, a temple can be a place of healing and refuge, and in times of need everything is made to accommodate the needy. Available by night and day, and in a traditional variant, this map provides one such place of solace for your party to visit, and perhaps even assist in these times of need.


Elven Lake:  On the shores of this gentle lake, serenaded by the rush of the waterfalls that feed it clear, crystalline water, the elves have lived for eons. Or perhaps this is a place of shelter, one that they've only found recently after untold hardships drove them from their ancestral homes? Perhaps a touch of the fae lingers here, and more than mere visual enchantment takes place amidst its gloriously colourful surroundings. This fully animated map and its two variants, providing sun-soaked and twilit alternatives of this welcoming lake, are now available to dazzle your players with a locale of outstanding natural beauty!


Elven Embassy: Amidst the noise, the smoke, the turmoil of these city streets lies a haven of flourishing flora and architectural elegance. The elven embassy stands as a testament to its people’s love of beauty and their ability to marry form, function, and style in breathtaking fashion. With plenty of shady boughs beneath which to find refuge, gazebos for a rendezvous at any time of the day or night, and, of course, the fully furnished buildings and their two stories, you’ll find in this extra-large map ample room for any elven delegation or noble house to house staff, guests, and secrets besides!


Ruins - Deep in the sweltering jungle, lost amidst the tropical foliage, lies a ruined structure. With the heat, humidity, and aggressive flora, who can truly say how long since this structure was abandoned, or what purpose it once served? Perhaps a temple to some long-dead god, a place of healing, or many more grim alternatives besides. Available in three colour variants, allowing your players to explore these ruins amidst eery black and ochre-coloured vegetation, or perhaps in the strange wildnerness of the feywild, these maps offer the perfect staging ground for your players to explore the totally not-haunted remnants of a bygone age.




Elven embassy battle map, huge 80 x 60, first floor

Elven embassy battle map, huge 80 x 60, second floor

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