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Maps from Angela Maps Patreon from Late 2022


Volcano -

This island was formed by this still active volcano. Perfect for a beach vacation, forging a magic sword, or building your bad guy lair.  Main volcano map is animated.


Hell Pit - 

Is you party trapped in this cage? Are you trying for an epic rescue. Who will rise from the lava to stop you? This map has 5 versions. Two different cages, one with no cage, one with and acid pit, and one with a fey theme. All of these are animated.


Crystal Cavenrn- 

The cave is icy cold, and filled with ice crystals so reflective it feels like a house of mirrors. Every beam of light seeping in from above reflecting a thousand times until the very air shimmers. Snow drifts down cracks in the cave roof somewhere high above. A river runs through, freezing at the edges. Magic is thick in the air.


Hot Springs -

It may be freezing outside, but the water in this hot springs is quite warm. Probably no elementals lurking in it’s depths. And don’t worry, it won’t erupt or scald you or pull you under and drown you. Just relax and warm up


Time Fields -

Time is a funny thing. Just a little bit of magic can cause a whole lot of chaos and disaster. This map pack has one time machine and several time effected fields. Maybe your players are the cause. Maybe they are the solution. All of the maps are animated.


Forest River -

I know forests and rivers aren’t the most exciting things in the world, but they are pretty useful to have in your back pocket when your adventures need to travel from point A to point B and (undoubtedly) find themselves in trouble.


Under The Sea -

Explore the reef or dive deeper into the dark depths of the water. Here is a map for your underwater fight needs, be it a tangle with an aggressive lobster or a deadly kraken. There are four versions of this map: normal, murky water, red, and no cave. All are animated.


Camp, Blacksmith and Graveyard-

Every adventuring party at some point finds itself making camp, or comes across another camp in their evening travels. And maybe you can just chat. But maybe, just maybe you will need to fight. In that case, you’ll need a battle map.



The rushing water of the river spent nearly half a million years slowly carving out this canyon. But then things changed. And slowly the river dried up. Now it is nothing but a desert canyon, with no hint of the water that once formed it.


Dungeon Entrances-

You’re heading to a dungeon, but you don’t think you’re just gonna walk right in do you? No, no you are fighting at the door. Next time you want to fight on the way to your dungeons crawl, use one of these three dungeon entrances. All three of these maps are animated. 


Hospital -

Some battles just don’t go the way we expect and you find yourself in need for some healing, magical or otherwise. Or maybe some resurrection. It happens. You will probably be safe in this hospital facility where almost nothing dodgy ever happens, we promise.


Mushroom Forest-

You enter a forest clearing finding a small pond of clean clear water. The mushrooms are radiating light. Magic is thick in the air. Will this be a friendly encounter or a fight to the death?


Sea City-

 City-Come visit the floating sea city. Have a good meal, resupply, and offload your cargo. Both legitimate and less legitimate trade.  Four versions, all animated.



Is this a crater on an alien world? Did that orb crash into your neighborhood and cause strange things to start happening? What happens if you… touch it? Actually, maybe don’t.


City Gate -

This map is 40×80 so your adventurers have a lot of room to make trouble, save the day, or just explore. This is the night version, but there is also a day version and a winter version


Water Temple-

Who floats within the waters of the once great temple, now a ruin before you. Is it the goddess herself? A priestess perhaps? Maybe the latest sacrifice in her name. Regardless, I know your adventures are in for a beautiful fight. This map has three alternate versions. One with a broken statue, one with a probably deadly plant, and the last with a mysterious glowing orb.



The mine is glowing green. That really can’t be good. Toxic poisonous gasses? Flameskulls? Something you don’t even know about yet till it’s killing you? I guess someone has to go check it out….



This scenic cliff overlooks the water. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic with your love interest, or to toss a BBEG to his death. Could go either way. Map is available in three versions, and all three are animated as webm videos.







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