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Maps from Angela Maps Patreon in Late 2021


Crater -

Something has crash landed to create a crater


Snowman - 

This is a winter map where some sort of machine is producing these magic snow golems (ok, they are snowmen!) Little bit of snow, little bit of magic, a whole lot of trouble.


Vally of Kings - 

Deep in the desert stands the Valley of Kings. Towering giants along a sand filled path. If you aren’t scared to walk down this path, you should be.


Glow -

I call this series of maps “Glow”. You can use them for a fey area, or maybe a particularly glowy area of the under dark. Or whatever really! They are a little bright but kinda fun.


Small Market-

Looking to add something a little festive to your campaign this year? Stop by this cute little holiday market. Get a cup of steaming hot cocoa, enjoy the lightly falling snow, admire the big Christmas tree. Maybe vanquish a bad guy or two


Watercolor Portal- 

A mysterious portal, surrounded by glowing stones of various colors. Where does it lead? What will come out of it? Or will you jump in…



Compete to be the best at the Holiday tournament. Jousting, archery, sword fighting! Or grab a cup of warm mulled wine and enjoy watching the competition.



The finest quality black bricks don’t just happen. It’s a very intense process. The right kind of lava, cooled in the right way, with the purest water at the right temperature. Then the rock is extracted and the process goes again. It’s an art. A skill few know how to replicate, so the black bricks fetch a large price.



Rock sprouts up from the hot lava, powerful magical stones encased within. Magic is thick in the air, if you want to forge a magical weapon, or anything magical, this is the place to do it. You can feel the power you are imbuing into your work.


Manor and Pub (Trollskull)-

Looking for a spooky setting? This manor and pub has defiantly seen better days. It is abandoned and has fallen into disrepair. 



A simple mill where farmers can have their grain ground into flour. Three stories tall. Maps are designed to be 10×10 but you could run it at 20×20 if you wanted more space 


Gothic Chamber-

This chamber with a gothic feel is loosely inspired by the Starstone in Pathfinder lore which can transform you into a god, but most people just fail and die (thus the pile of skeletons) but this could be any sort of treasure or dangerous item you wish.


The Yawning Portal-

The Yawning Portal is a famous inn and tavern located in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. Adventurers can meet all sorts of colorful characters here. The place is a stone building with a slate roof and several chimneys. Most of the ground floor is taken up by the tavern’s common room, which contains an open well (actually the outer shell of a sunken stone tower) that descends 140 feet to the first level of Undermountain, the sprawling dungeon under Waterdeep. A rope-and-pulley mechanism is used to lower adventurers into the well and hoist them out













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