Angela Maps | February 2023

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Maps from Angela Maps Patreon in February 2023


Mechaheart -

Once the heart of a giant clockwork being, this has since been repurposed by a resourceful gnome to be a power plant providing safe power to her entire village. Well, safe enough.


Underdark Hell Portal-

The Underdark map depicts a mysterious and ominous world filled with towering mushrooms and strange symbols. At the center of the map lies a sinister circle, surrounded by devilish markings and eerie inscriptions. This circle is the gathering place of a cult shrouded in mystery and fear.



This mansion is a beast! Three above ground floors plus a basement.

Main floor: The main floor features a large ballroom, a bar/dining room to mingle, and an art display. Think of this as the kind of place you might rent out for a wedding, banquet or concert.

Second floor: This is mostly bedrooms and offices

Third Floor: Two balconies as well as lots of storage

Basement: Kitchen and wine cellars, one of which doubles as a break room for the staff. Also a tunnel out to the water.


Ritual Spot -

This ritual spot is prefect for any sort of ceremony you might want to preform. Be it a beautiful wedding, or a gruesome sacrifice.  Available in six different colors and animated on my Patreon.







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