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Maps from Angela Maps Patreon in Early 2022


Cave River -

Follow this river from the outside of the cave to the inside. Things might get a little narrow!Three versions: River Cave, Ocean Cave and Expanded Cave.  All three have animated versions!


Canal - 

I hope you hear accordion music in your head, that’s what I wanted with this map. If you are fighting on a gondola in the canal, or, fighting in the streets that surround it, I hope this map gives you the ambiance of a place you want to visit 


Courthouse - 

Now, I am not saying any of your big damn heroes have ever bended or… dare I say… broken the law. Sometimes the local laws can be so silly, right? But on the off chance that you find yourself in need of a court house where they might be (wrongfully, I am sure) on trial or maybe even in need of an heroic escape… well here is a map for that. This courthouse has a big trial room, a judges quarters, a couple of offices, a holding cell for those about to be on trial, and a room in the front to acquire paperwork, records and licenses.


Druid Circles -

play a druid (several, actually.)  I love druids!  This set of maps is inspired by different druid circles.  This map pack has seven different circle maps, and then a second version of each of them that isn’t so literally a circle and more just the ambiance of the area.  All 14 are animated



An old abandoned warehouse is the perfect place for shady dealings. Perhaps a crime ring meets here. Maybe several people have gone missing in this area recently. Or maybe the neighbors have observed strange glowing green lights emanating form the windows late at night. There is no shortage of mischief that could happen in this old warehouse.


Farm Country- 

What business do your adventurers have in farm country? Is the farm a secret front for crime? Or will these pumpkin’s come alive and attack because of an evil druid. Or maybe they are just having a quite getaway. Whatever the reason, this is a section of a busy country farm with lots of little fields growing a variety of crops.


River Cave-

Don’t let the beautiful river fool you, nothing but trouble lives inside that cave. Maybe it’s a group of bandits, or perhaps a vicious monster. So many opportunities for your adventurers.


Magic Shop, Seamstress, Couch House Stable -

Three shops for differnt needs in game



There are several versions of this wharf available.  The first it is at peace, the second at night.  The third is at war with an attacking ship, and the last, it is being attacked by a kracken!  The peace, war and kracken versions also have animated versions to bring your game to life 



This hacienda features a home with an open courtyard, grazing cattle, a stable with horses and a tool shed. It is free to download below.


Forest Ambush-

You are escorting a wagon full of medical supplies to an isolated settlement with a recent outbreak. But somebody has other plans. The trees blocking the path will make it impossible for your wagon to pass. When you stop to clear the logs you will surly be attacked. But do the bandits know what they have gotten themselves into attacking your adventurers?


Tower By the River-

A lone tower stands on a raised area of land along side a river near a waterfall. There is a bridge to cross the river at a single point. Who resides in the tower? A wizard, a healer, a hermit? Could be anyone!


Asteroids -

Sometimes you need to fight some bad guys on an asteroid field floating above a planet. It happens, right? And when it happens, this is the map for you!


Ship Graveyard-

This is where ships come to die. Perhaps natural currents wash them up here, or perhaps something sinister lurks in this water that destroys all ships that approach the shore.


Stary Sky Island-

Don’t let the beauty of this sky island fool you. The creatures that guard these magical waters are some of the most vicious the world has ever know. And you need to collect a bottle full of it’s healing waters to take back and save the life of the queen, else she die and the kingdom falls into war and chaos.


The Hive-

I see this battlemap as a place to fight some oversized insects. Bring in your adventurers and let them get stuck in the honey as the queen wasp leans in with her giant pincers to bite their heads off.


Mad Lad's Lab-

Beware the lab of the mad scientist. Creepy lightening, bodies to experiment on, potions brewing. Will you fight the mad man himself, or perhaps some of his creations?


Police Station and Morgue-

This is a police station and morgue. The upper floor has a reception area, four clean jail cells for holding prisoners, a magical interrogation room, and lots of desk space for officers to carry on their investigations, or do all their paperwork.





















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