Angela Maps | April 2023

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Maps from Angela Maps Patreon in April 2023


Wind Stones -

This mystical area is adorned with stunning stones of different shapes and sizes, each imbued with an enchanting aura that dances in the wind. As the gusts blow, the stones emit a gentle hum that fills the air with an ethereal melody, inviting you to explore the secrets hidden within this magical realm.

Strange Steampunk Room-

Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities, where your imagination reigns supreme. Step into the mysterious round room and let your mind run wild with the endless potential it presents. Will you envision it as a magical vault, holding the secrets of ancient mysticism? Or will it be the bridge of a grand ship, charting a course through space? Perhaps it is a room that transcends the boundaries of time, opening doors to the past, the future, or the alternative.

Singing Crystals-

This map features a mysterious path adorned with crystals that emit a gentle light and hum, creating a mesmerizing melody that enchants and enthralls all those who follow its winding course. Three versions, all animated.

The Void-

Seven animated voids, each uniquely crafted to suit every occasion – from a paladin’s encounter with a god in the afterlife, to a party member’s banishment, to intense battles within a magical nothingness. With mesmerizing displays of cosmic energy, these stunning maps will transport you beyond the boundaries of imagination and leave you spellbound.  Seven versions, all animated.






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