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Always HP

We're always updating HP, so why not have a window that's always ready to do that.

This module will show a moveable window that can adjust the HP of the currently selected tokens. As well as healing them to full, or setting their status to dead.



Any currently selected token will be affected by the changes from the Always HP window. A single selected token will display the name and current HP. Multiple selected tokens will show how many tokens are selected. If the player only has one controlled token, and no token is currently selected, it will default to affecting the only token it could affect.

Click the skull, to set the HP to 0 and toggle the token's dead state. Click the down arrow to take away HP, and the up arrow to heal by that amount. Click the heart to heal the token fully.

Right-click the skull to set to 0 HP without setting the dead status, and right-click to heal fully without removing the dead status.

Shift click the skull to toggle the dead status.

Hitting the enter key while in the text box will heal if there's a + in front of the number, otherwise it will hurt that ammount.

By grabbing the window by the top bar it can be dragged around the screen and placed where it's most convenient for you to reach.


Always HP Screenshot

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.24

  2. Version 1.0.26

  3. Version 1.0.32

  4. Version 1.0.33

  5. Version 1.0.37