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A library module for using the Ace editor in Foundry VTT.


To easily add an Ace editor, you can create a <div> and use ace.edit to initialize. You can create multiple editors at once with this method.

let editor = ace.edit("the-id-of-the-div");

This will set the Ace options to the ones that the user has configured in module settings.


Set the editor's contents

editor.setValue("initial value");

Get the editor's contents


Instructions for customizing each editor individually are available on the official guide which has examples of how to set various options. This is useful when you need an editor to work a certain way (e.g. force the use of JSON), but should be used sparingly since it robs the user of their choice. These will override the user's choices. Different editors can use different options even if they are open simultaneously.

Using Ace

Press Ctrl+Alt+h or Cmd+Alt+h to view a list of all the keyboard shortcuts available. You can access the command palette by pressing F1 while focusing on the editor.



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