Package Description

A library module which enables the registration of alternative document sheets for all document types that don't normally have this capacity.

Why does this exist?

  • Replacing the Journal Sheet is difficult to do in a way which is compatible with both Foundry Core and other modules/systems which replace Journal Sheets.
  • Styling a particular journal entry (or kind of entry, e.g. from a particular module) is difficult to do in a way which does not conflict with other modules.
  • Modules which alter the display of Journal Entries would like a predictable way to do so, which is hard when different modules use different approaches to work around the issues above.

This issue outlines a generic request that if implemented would allow Journal (and other document) "sheets" to be registered just like Actor sheets.


Our goal with this library is to offer a way to leverage this missing API as Foundry Gaming considers implementing this solution in Core.

You should consider using this module if you replace or drastically modify one of the compatible Document Sheets in a module and want your module to be compatible with other modules and systems which do the same.

Note that systems are encouraged to override the base sheet in CONFIG and should not need to use this library.


Tagged Categories

  1. Journals and Notes
  2. Patches or Bug Fixes

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.6.3