Package Description

This module requires external hardware and an external app. Please read the github (Project Source) page carefully!

Material Deck allows you to control Foundry using an Elgato Stream Deck, which is a device that has physical buttons with displays behind them. Material Deck uses this to, for example, control playlists, execute macros and display and control the combat tracker.

The module allows a high degree of customization, where each button on the Stream Deck can be assigned any desired function. Furthermore, it supports folder stuctures, allowing easy switching between various button configurations so you can easily switch between the combat tracker, soundboard, or any other (custom) configuration.

Please check the github page for the full list of features and the installation and configuration instructions.


Feel free to join the Material Foundry Discord server, where you can discuss this and other hardware based modules, and get support if you run into issues.

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  1. Automation Enhancers
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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.4.8

  2. Version 1.4.9

  3. Version 1.4.10