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Hi, following a concussion this spring, I find myself having to shy await from screens as much as possible for a while. Good news is, user p4535992 has forked LightsHUD, adding many things I wanted to do, doing it better. Please have a look here:

dev is halted for the moment on this module.


Version for this fork can be found with the 0.11.8 version below.



Derived and updated version of Torchlight, which in turn was derived from Torch.

Provide new icons in the token's HUD to quickly activate Light Sources, such as a Torch, Light Spell and Lantern.


What's Changed

* Fixed issue #40 - Custom Lantern is no longer a custom spell...

Full Changelog0.10.8f...0.10.8g


* #24 Tentative fix, unable to reproduce after code change and tests. Let me know if and how to reproduce.
* Added a new Setting: 
* Preserve light data : This setting turns on/off storing light data before activating a light with the HUD. This means that :

1. On: if you add a light effect from another module or modified manually, clicking on the HUD will store current light data, then activate light as configured in the settings. On deactivating the light via the HUD, stored data will be restored.
2. Off: Whatever the token's light was before, deactivation of the HUD Light will turn light off.



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Available Versions

  1. Version 0.10.8g

  2. Version 0.11.8