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Ever wanted to play Darker Dungeons or you've played it on Roll20?
This is a solid, very customizable and well automated alternative to Roll20's darker dungeons sheet.
Also contains a [WOP] GM screen to easily generate days, encounters and more.

Giffyglyph's Darker Dungeons is now in Foundry (Unofficially)! Find it here:

UNLIMITED CUSTOMIZABILITY with the Styling-Addon here:

Screenshots Character-Sheet


Screenshots GM'Screen




This is only possible thanks to these really patient and helpful guys:

- @Madeira - @Sky - @Atropos 

- @Moo Man - @NickEast - @Red Reign

Special thanks to

- @DM Me Your Waifu and @Moerill for spending too much time pointing me in the right direction, I really cannot thank you enough!


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  1. Version 2.8.0

  2. Version 2.8.1

  3. Version 2.8.5

  4. Version 2.9.0

  5. Version 2.9.9

  6. Version 3.0