Package Description

# Bonus Die


Bonus Die is a Foundry VTT module that allows the GM to give players 'Bonus Dice' that can be expended at will or traded by the players.

Expending a bonus die will trigger a chat message. This messages are costumizable and feature keywords that will be automaticly replaced.


## Instalation


This module can be installed from the Foundry VTT module browser or installed from the `module.json` file available in the latest release


## Keywords


The complete list of keywords that are replaced is:

 - [$player] - will be replaced by the name of the player that has triggered the message

 - [$otherPlayer] - will be replaced by the target of an action (example in the default message of gifting a bonus die it is replaced by the recipient of the gift)

 - [$bonusDie] - will be replaced by the name of the bonus dice (configurable in the settings tab)



Tagged Categories

  1. Automation Enhancers
  2. Dice Rolling
  3. Combat Enhancements
  4. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0

  2. Version 1.0.1