Version 12 Feature Preview

V12 Prioritization Banner
Event Triggers, Canvas Improvements, a UI Overhaul, and more!

With Version 11 comfortably being maintained in the Stable release channel, we have begun our prioritization and planning for Version 12 of Foundry Virtual Tabletop. We're very excited to share our plans for our next round of software improvements with the community! With a program containing as many features as we have, choosing priorities is always a difficult task as there are so many good ideas in our roadmap, and V12 is no exception.

Version 12 of Foundry VTT will prioritize a variety of exciting features including the Patreon-voted Event Triggers system, a host of architectural improvements to the underlying software, the experimental stage of the UI overhaul for our Game interface, and a number of improvements to our Game Canvas related to elevation, lighting, detection modes, and much more! Community developers or those more advanced users wishing to follow along as we plan out and roadmap our intended changes can check out our GitHub Project for V12.

These changes only represent provisional plans and final implementation may change significantly during the coming months.

Patreon Vote Winner

This Patreon poll was inarguably the closest vote we've ever seen! Event Triggers pulled ahead in the end, winning out over the Terrain and Cover feature by a single vote. We want to thank you all for your patronage and for helping to prioritize the software and we hope you'll look forward to the next poll in Version 13.

We know some of you may be disappointed about Terrain and Cover not winning, so we hope that we can offer you some small consolation: Event Triggers will be designed in a way that lays the groundwork to support for Terrain and Cover in the future, allowing community developers to begin implementing support for it now.

Scene Regions and Event Triggers

Related Github Issues: 151, 9722,

Event Triggers will allow users to define scripted events that occur dynamically when Tokens interact with a certain area of a Scene. Have a pressure-plate trap trigger a boulder showing up at the end of the hallway, provide functional teleporters for your bridge crew, or have all the lights go out when your party wakes that terrifying eldritch abomination.

Canvas Objects and Vision Improvements

Related Github Issues: 9683, 9779, 9783 9787

The Game Canvas is one of the most significant portions of Foundry VTT, given that most users spend the majority of their time interacting with it in some way or another. Secretfire and dev7355608 have some fantastic plans that should benefit our Community Developers

UI Redesign Phase 2

Related Github Issues: 5441, 9778

We began our UI overhaul with the changes to the setup screen in V11, but undertaking a revitalization of the UX and UI inside an active Game World is a monumental task! V12 is expected to deliver the first stage of a UX and UI redesign of the game view of our interface.

Other Architectural Improvements

Related Github Issues: 8573, 9776, 9788 9772

As always, we will be making some improvements to the underlying libraries, frameworks, and architecture that compose the core software! While these are too numerous to mention there are a few highlights we'd love to share:

Our development team will be diverging for a short period to work on features for Version 11.5 before we dive deeply into development on V12. We hope that this preview spotlight gives people an idea of our priorities and that everyone will be as excited about the features of V12 as we are!