Hosting Service Providers

Foundry Virtual Tabletop is a self-hosted application - but many users may not wish to deal with the headache of managing the technical configuration of the software. I'm proud to partner with the following hosting service providers who offer managed solutions for hosting your Foundry Virtual Tabletop server in a cloud environment. These providers help you to skip the setup and getting straight to rolling dice, while also offering a number of additional perks that make your use of Foundry VTT even more awesome. I encourage users to please consider the following hosting partners.


Worldmill provides a highly available, personalised, high performance, Foundry Virtual Tabletop hosting service. Launched in December, 2020, the Worldmill service is secure, reliable and your assets are completely portable between Worldmill, alternative providers, and your home system. Our servers are hosted in Amsterdam and deliver low latency for European based users.

We offer a 14 day free trial for new users with plans starting at $7.99 a month. All plans offer generous networking and storage provisions with a simple and HTTPS secured file manager (via WebDAV, broadly supported by clients such as CyberDuck and WinSCP) to access to your storage.

Worldmill is developed by a UK based team, with decades of gaming and software development experience. We have a strong focus on performance and our solution uses leading-edge cloud technologies to deliver value to you.

To find out more, visit

Molten Hosting

Molten Hosting is a new option for dedicated Foundry Virtual Tabletop hosting service. Launched in November 2020, Molten Hosting provides a secure, reliable, and affordable solution. We aim to provide a pure Foundry Virtual Tabletop experience, meaning if your game runs locally, it will run on our platform.

Molting Hosting offers a 7-day free trial for new users with plans starting at only $4 per month. Our service offers a range of features including: automated backups and recovery, generous storage quotas, private servers, unlimited worlds, FTP access for file management, and more!

Molten Hosting is created by opt and VersaceHovercraft, both of whom are professional Cloud Solution Architects. Molten Hosting leverages modern cloud technologies to do the heavy-lifting, allowing us to focus on ensuring customers have the best experience possible.

If you would like to learn more, ask questions, or get involved with the Molten Hosting community please consider joining our Discord server or reach out with questions at

Foundry Server

Foundry Server provides a reliable, cost effective, and responsive hosting service for the Foundry VTT gaming environment. Our servers are located on a major US backbone and are configured for reliability and scalability. Our plans start off at $5.95US/month for our basic level of hosting (which is adequate for 95% of the users).

We have created a simple and open interface to give you maximum control of your Foundry instance and game data. To that end we have implemented a true FTP/sFTP server to better manage your game data along with a web based file manager.

Future plans include locating game servers in Europe, South East Aisa, and South America to improve response times for our distant friends. So come on over and check us out at!

Foundry Server is created by Dax - to learn more about its features and for any questions you have please visit the following support and information page.

The Forge

Tired of trying to setup your server and fighting with routers and config files? Use The Forge, and fight goblins instead!

The Forge is a fully integrated hosting service for your Foundry VTT games created by KaKaRoTo. With game servers in North America, Europe and Asia, and all your game assets geo-distributed in over 40 locations around the world, your games will never have loaded as fast as on The Forge.

Focusing on Security, Performance and Convenience, our mission is to get you up and running within seconds. With no bandwidth cap, high storage quotas, affordable and flexible pricing, the ability to import and export your games, and many additional integration features making the user experience unique and more streamlined, The Forge is the solution for all your game hosting needs.

Get your own customized subdomain today and launch into your worlds seamlessly. Let us take care of all the hassle while you concentrate on having fun instead.

Developed and operated by KaKaRoTo, you can expect the same level of polish, dedication and quality that you've seen from his numerous free FVTT modules or the convenience and seamless integration that you experience with his Beyond20 browser extension. To learn more about The Forge and for any questions you may have, please join our Discord server, or contact us through our forums or email.

Content Creators and Integrations

Foundry Virtual Tabletop is proud to have established partnerships with several other creators or projects who are producing fantastic software, content, or services.

Encounter Library

Encounter Library is one of the foremost community driven sources for information about Foundry Virtual Tabletop, providing a website and YouTube Channel dedicated to creating free and easy to follow guides on Foundry VTT and its modules whether you're a GM or a player.

If you're a GM the Foundry Basics series has everything you need to master Foundry and they offer dozens of module guides which cover how to use a number of simple and advanced modules to really bring your game to another level. Their players guide offers a walkthrough for everything you need to know to play in a game regardless of what system you use.

Encounter Library also covers tools for creating world and encounter maps along with campaign building and management, and they keep up to date on new releases and create "What's New" videos that cover the updates, bug fixes, and new features in summary to deliver the latest Foundry VTT news.

Please check them out! I'm sure you'll learn something new!

Forgotten Adventures

Forgotten Adventures is an artistic community of virtual tabletop gaming enthusiasts organized by Stryxin, a devoted artist and dungeon master who creates tokens, props, textures, and battlemaps specifically designed with virtual tabletop gaming in mind. Patreon supporters of Forgotten Adventures gain access to the complete portfolio of assets with new releases arriving several times per month. Stryxin is even tackling an incredibly ambitious goal to draw creature tokens for every D&D5e monster.

I am thrilled to partner with Stryxin and Forgotten Adventures to showcase his fantastic artwork and make it available to Foundry Virtual Tabletop users as part of our D&D5e system implementation which features token artwork by Stryxin for all the creatures which have currently been completed - eventually covering the entire Monsters SRD compendium.

These included tokens are just a subset of the amazing work available in this community so please be sure to support Forgotten Adventures on Patreon for even more content. Visit for more information!

World Anvil

World Anvil is the ULTIMATE world-building platform and campaign manager, and supports any RPG system and genre. Create, store and organize all the details of your campaign, homebrew content, NPCs, locations, and more. It’s perfect for creating and tracking extended lore, so you never lose anything between sessions, or between campaigns. Your players can manage and expand their characters and write sessions journals too! And you can share what you want with your players, or keep secrets from them!

World Anvil features a powerful Foundry Virtual Tabletop integration module which allows you seamlessly use your content created in World Anvil inside Foundry VTT. With World Anvil integrated into FoundryVTT, it’s so easy to pull information from your world into your Foundry VTT game! You can pull in articles, share images with your players, and so much more! And this is only the beginning!

To celebrate this partnership, you can use the discount code FOUNDRY for 20% off 6 and 12 month memberships at the Master and Grandmaster tier. Or go to to get started for free!


Dungeondraft by Megasploot is a dungeon and battlemap creation software from the maker of Wonderdraft which is designed to feature an unintimidating UI, intuitive tools for a fast map creation workflow, and a beautiful library of built-in artwork and textures.

Creating a map in Dungeondraft is easy with the smart tiling and object scattering system which allows you to paint detailed landscapes and terrain with just a few clicks of your mouse. Dungeondraft also features a built-in lighting system as well as dungeon and cave generators. The software does not require an internet connection, is DRM free, and is a one-time purchase to buy.

One of the most exciting aspects of Dungeondraft is that it integrates with Foundry Virtual Tabletop using the Dungeondraft Importer which will automatically import and set up Walls and Ambient Light sources attached to your Dungeondraft map for lightning fast game session prep.

Dungeon Fog

Dungeon Fog is an online map maker & authoring tool for RPG game masters. With the extensive DUNGEONFOG Editor you can draw your RPG tabletop maps with just a few clicks – no more patching up map tiles! Create multi-level dungeons, terrain, or entire worlds in an instant. Generate your GM-Notes automatically and export or print high-res images and notes, or send a Fog of War version for your players to your TV!

Thanks to the hard work of community modders, Foundry Virtual Tabletop features a Dungeon Fog integration module which can automatically configure walls and doors for the fog of war and ambient lighting system automatically by exporting data directly from Dungeon Fog and importing into Foundry VTT. Learn more on the Installing Game Systems and Modules page.

To celebrate our partnership, you can use the discount code FOUNDRY when subscribing to the Dungeon Fog service for a 10% discount on the price of subscription! Visit to take advantage of this offer!

DunGen is a Dungeon Generator that creates high resolution maps ready to import into Foundry VTT. It offers many room variations with several themes to choose from, and uses a custom algorithm to try and generate a logical dungeon. DunGen is still in development and updated often with new rooms, themes and features.

In addition to the generated map images themselves, you can also generate a full scene file including pre-built walls to take full advantage of Foundry’s dynamic lighting. You can see this integration in action in this short video.

TOS Five - The Only Sheet

For over a decade, The Only Sheet has been providing Character Managers and other tools to gamers. Using the power of Excel to handle all the number crunching, these managers allow users to focus on the gaming experience, and not on adding numbers. They all feature Dynamic Play, which allows various effects to be activated directly on the character. For example, if the PC receives a 'Haste' spell, the character is updated with all the effects of that spell. The Stacking rules are handled automatically, and it is possible to customize almost any class, race, feat, spell, or more.

For years, TOS5 users have been hard at work creating content from other sources, and sharing those creations on the friendly community forums. Hundreds of class and races have thus been shared over the years.

In our first partnership with Foundry VTT, TOS FIVE, the manager for the 5e edition, has been upgraded to allow character to be exported in a format that Foundry VTT can import, thus allowing users to use the best character manager in conjunction with the best virtual table top app! To get involved or learn more about the TOS5 project, join their Discord Server.

Thanks and Attributions

I owe thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their assistance and contributions during the development of Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

Iron Moose Development

Software done with a natural touch.

Iron Moose Development is an independent software developer with a broad range of specialization. Iron Moose loves making software that is as easy and reliable as breathing. They bring "The Iron" with decades of industry experience and the knowledge of how to build scalable and reliable systems at any size and flexibility. "The Moose" is a reminder of why they program in the first place - to always help their users solve a problem.

I partnered with Iron Moose Development for assistance in setting up a continuous integration, testing, and deployment solution for Foundry Virtual Tabletop release builds across multiple platforms of Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Iron Moose was a pleasure to work with - offering knowledgable advice and timely assistance in getting working pipelines set up for me using Microsoft Azure. I'd definitely recommend Iron Moose to anyone who wants to outsource portions of their application or infrastructure.

Artwork and Icons

Audio Assets