Anniversary Celebration 2024

Anniversary 2024 Schedule
The schedule of events occuring during our 2024 Anniversary Celebration.

Each year during May we celebrate the anniversary of Foundry Virtual Tabletop's release in 2020. It's amazing to reflect on how things have improved and evolved over the past 4 years. This year for our anniversary celebration we have a number of special events and promotions which we invite you all to participate in.

Sales and Special Offers

This year we're not only offering a discount on our own products, we can also share that many of our publishing partners are also offering discounts on a wide variety of premium content for Foundry VTT!

First-Party Sales

Foundry Virtual Tabletop software licenses are discounted at 20% off from noon eastern time on May 22 until 9pm eastern time on May 31. This discount is applied automatically when you purchase.

We also are offering 20% off our first-party content The Demon Queen Awakens and A House Divided over the same time period.

Publishing Partner Sales

We have an entire page dedicated to the discounts on Foundry VTT content being run by our awesome publisher partners. Be sure to check out the list of Anniversary 2024 Publisher Sales which are ongoing throughout the period of our anniversary celebration.

Event Schedule

In addition to these wonderful promotions and the wide variety of content they offer, we alsohave a number of exciting events to look forward to:

Version 12 Release Celebration

Wednesday, May 22 at 2pm Eastern

The first stable release for Foundry Virtual Tabletop version 12 will launch, and we will be live on our Twitch channel to celebrate. Join us for an overview of the most exciting features in Version 12, a celebration of our anniversary, questions from the audience, and more! If you can't make the live stream, the video recording of the stream will be later uploaded to our YouTube channel.

V12 Stable 1 Banner (324)
The Version 12 release is a major milestone and the culmination of almost a year of work!

Version 13 Patreon Feature Vote

Thursday, May 23

Now that the stable release for Version 12 is available, we will begin scoping and planning for our next release: Version 13. This process will take some time, and we won't start development work immediately, but a first step in this process is to identify which major feature our community votes for us to develop. We will post an article with an array of options that are good candidates for prioritization and then members of our community who are supporters on our Patreon can vote on the option that we will prioritize alongside other key V13 features.

Year In Review Article

Friday, May 24

Each year as part of our anniversary celebration we post a lengthy "year in review" article that looks backwards at what we accomplished during the prior 12 months, and looks ahead towards the exciting things we plan for during the coming year. This annual article is a great way to get some insight into what we do as a company and how we do it. If you would like to read our articles from previous years you can find them here:

  1. Year in Review: One-Year Anniversary Edition
  2. Year in Review: Two-Year Anniversary Edition
  3. Year in Review: Three-Year Anniversary Edition

This year we will have a new installment which reflects on everything we accomplished since May 2023 and introduces some new announcements that we are thrilled to share for the year ahead. Once posted, the 2024 article will be available at

Future Content Showcase Stream

Monday, May 27 at 2pm Eastern

One of the most-asked questions we get is "what are you working on next?". Usually we have to respond in an ambiguous way that acknowledges we are very busy, but this stream is an opportunity for us to get into exciting details! We will highlight some big content initiatives, exciting new releases, and share an ember of detail on some of our major projects. We are excited to share with you and hope you'll be able to join us live on or to watch the video later uploaded to YouTube.

Reddit "Ask Us Anything"

Tuesday, May 28 starting at 11am Eastern

The team has set aside most of the day on Thursday the 28th to engage with our Reddit community on r/foundryvtt! We will be answering your questions throughout the day in a thread which will be posted a few hours before our time window opens. We look forward to a mix of hard-hitting and silly questions that allow us to share perspective with you.

Discord "Ask Us Anything"

Wednesday, May 29 starting at 11am Eastern

As a companion to our Reddit AMA, we will be doing a similar activity on our official Community Discord Server throughout the day on Wednesday the 29th. This will be a second-chance to ask and have answered all the questions that we didn't get to the day prior on Reddit and to hang out with our wonderful Discord community. We look forward to seeing you there!

Free Project Friday: Live Edition

Friday, May 31 at 2pm Eastern

We can't think of a more fitting way to close out the end of our Anniversary Celebration than with our team's monthly tradition of "Free Project Friday". Usually this is a behind-closed-doors opportunity for our team to work creatively on projects that are of personal interest to us, but this month we will be sharing our process with everyone! Each month we allow ourselves a day (more or less) to explore and develop projects which are related to Foundry Virtual Tabletop but are things that we otherwise wouldn't have time or prioritization to work on. Many of these Free Project Friday (or "FPF") contributions become new features in the core software while others never make it past the planning stage - regardless it is always a fun and creative time and our team is excited to share with you live on our Twitch channel with a video of the broadcast later uploaded to our YouTube channel.