Release 0.7.1

Version 7 Development

August 11, 2020

Foundry Virtual Tabletop - Version 0.7.1 Update Notes

Welcome to the Foundry Virtual Tabletop update notes for Alpha version 0.7.1.

This is the second update in the feature-rich 0.7.x sequence of updates in the "alpha" (unstable) channel which is available to all Foundry Virtual Tabletop owners.

WARNING: Alpha channel releases are VERY LIKELY to introduce breaking bugs that will be disruptive to play. Do not install this update unless you are using for the specific purposes of testing. The intention of Alpha builds are to allow for previewing new features and to help developers to begin updating modules which are impacted by the changes. If you choose to update to this version for a live game you do so entirely at your own risk of having a bad experience.

Please back up your critical user data before installing this update.

I am very happy to be able to share these features with you all, and I am looking forward to continuing work on this series of updates as it moves towards a stable release.

Overview of Changes

There are a number of major focus areas for the 0.7.x series of updates: Dice rolling, Audio and Playlists, Compendium improvements, Lighting system efficiency, Phase 1 development of Active Effects, and more. As the second update in this series, 0.7.1 focuses on a Lighting system improvements and phase 1 development of the Active Effects system. The next several updates in the 0.7.x series will continue to evolve the new Active Effects system while also addressing Audio and Playlist improvements.

Releasing this update to the Alpha (Unstable) channel provides an opportunity for community developers to test their modules and systems for use in the 0.7.x series of patches and incorporate fixes for any breaking code changes. Users who wish to be particularly helpful can also help to test for and locate bugs in the new features and systems. After sufficient testing, fixes will be implemented for bugs that have been found and if the update is stable enough it will advance to the Beta channel as 0.7.1, incorporating the bug fixes found in 0.7.1.

How to Update

To apply this update, return Foundry Virtual Tabletop to the Configuration and Setup page and access the Update Software tab and choose the "Alpha (Unstable)" channel in the dropdown menu. It is recommended for most users to stay on the Release channel for all updates unless you have a specific desire to get Alpha or Beta changes in the future.

This is an alpha update and should be considered unstable for all users. It is not recommended for all users to update to this version unless they intend to test the potentially unstable features contained within this update. As always, please take care to periodically back up your critical user data in case you experience any issues.

After clicking Check for Update confirm that you are presented with the 0.7.1 update notes and click the Download button to begin the update process. Allow some time for this process to conclude, when it is finished your server will automatically restart (if Electron) or shut down (if Node.js).

Reporting Issues and Providing Feedback

If you encounter issues or have feedback to share, please use one of the following three reporting channels, ordered by preference:

  1. Discord Server: My preferred method to collect feedback is through our Discord server where I have created dedicated channels for Alpha 0.7.1 feedback. If you are able to join our Discord community it's the best way to engage with me directly for feedback.
  2. GitLab Tracker: You are welcome to create issue reports directly in the GitLab tracker here, but please take caution to ensure your problem has not already been reported by checking other open (and closed) issues in the upcoming milestone before creating a new report.
  3. Bug Report Form: There is an official bug report form on the official website. Please go to the following address and select "Bug Report" as your category.

Please stay up to date on progress by following the project roadmap on GitLab:

New Features

Vision and Fog of War

Lighting and Ambient Light Sources

Other Features

Localization Changes

To help better support the awesome volunteers in our localization community, update notes will now include a clearly defined Localization section which will clearly list changes being made in i18n support and localization.

Bug Fixes

Framework and API Changes

Active Effects

Dice API


Other API Changes

Documentation Improvements

Known Issues