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This module bridges the gap between your licensed content on D&D Beyond and your gaming session on Foundry VTT. Just by installing this module, you can 

* Several feats are still lacking real meat and are imported as a description only. This might gradually change once the DND5e system offers better dynamic item support out of the box

Import Monsters straight into your game

If you install the companion Chrome extension, which is available on the Chrome Webstore, you are unlocking a whole new world:

* Please note that importing SRD monsters and spells is not tied to either creating an account or by supporting me on Patreon. If you think that this module and extension is saving enough time that it warrants 5$ each month, you can unlock importing all available monsters from D&D Beyond by becoming a Patron of mine.

Roll directly from D&D Beyond into your game

Please read the installation instructions found at 

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  1. Version 3.0.4

  2. Version 3.0.7

  3. Version 3.1.0