Package Description

Automate everything in your world by creating triggers for your players to spring traps or anything you can think of!

Trigger Happy is a module which adds a powerful yet simple system for creating triggers and automating things within a world.

This was created as a way of creating the interactive FVTT Tutorial on The Forge

Read the README from the link below to learn how to create your own triggers.

Tagged Categories

  1. Automation Enhancers
  2. Overhauls or Feature Suites

Available Versions

  1. Version v0.4

  2. Version v0.4.2

  3. Version v0.5

  4. Version v0.6

  5. Version v0.7

  6. Version v0.8.1

  7. Version 0.8.5

  8. Version 0..8.9

  9. Version 0.8.10