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FVTT Navbar Tweaks

Module for Foundry VTT that provides some tweaks for the navbar.



  • Allows hiding the navbar for all players below a specific role. This can be used by the GM to hide the current scene name from players. Note that this does not hide the Navbar or scene name while the page is loading.

  • Allows configuring the role above which the navbar will always show the real name of the scene, instead of the 'Navigation Name' configured in the Scene settings. This is useful to avoid spoilers, while still allowing the GM to distinguish between similar scenes. For example, the players might just see 'City', but the GM sees 'City (before attack)', 'City (during attack)' and 'City (after attack)'.



This module uses the libWrapper library for wrapping core methods. While this is not a hard dependency, it is recommended to install it for the best experience and compatibility with other modules.

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