Package Description

This module helps you debug compatibility issues of modules, by finding the module that is responsible for the issue, without having to manually activate and deactivate all your modules yourself. Just click the Find the culprit button in Module Management to start the process.

  • You will be asked to select a module to keep active at all times. Choose the module that you want to debug.
  • Your page will refresh, deactivating all modules, except the chosen one and this.
  • Check whether your issue still persists.
  • If the issue persists, the module will start a binary search by only reactivating half of your previous modules, refreshing the page, going on like this until the culprit is found.
    • Just follow the prompts appearing after each refresh.
    • Depending on the amount of modules you have installed this process could take a while, but at most log(n) + 2 iterations, where n is the amount of modules you have activated.
  • If you accidently close one of the prompts, just refresh the page manually and it will reappear.

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.3.2

  2. Version 1.4.0