A Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: ccjmk Project Source: Project URL Version 10 Last Updated 3 months ago

Commander is a tool vaguely inspired by the likes of Launchy or Wox, and a similar feeling to SearchAnywhere module, that lets you run commands from a shortcut-invoked prompt.

This module provides the command-line input and the API for registering new commands, and will provide some example and general-use commands. 

Commander example

Bundled Commands (command)


It is not the intention of this module to provide commands specific to particular systems, but mostly the tooling and more generic commands applicable to anyone regardless of game system. If you have such a command that you want to share, don't be afraid to open a pull request (!

For information on how to add new commands, please refer to the Wiki:

Executing Commands

You can open the Commander widget by pressing (by default) `Alt+Q`. Shortcut is configurable ingame using the default keybinding menu.

Then you can start typing! Command suggestions will pop up as you type, you can auto-accept the selected suggestion with Tab/Enter or select other suggestions using Up or Down.

An Tab when no suggestion is selected sends the Command for execution, else it auto-fills that suggestion.


Available Versions

  1. Version 0.1.0

    Compatible Foundry Versions: 9 - 9 Installation Link: Manifest URL Update Notes: Read Notes
  2. Version 1.0.0

    Compatible Foundry Versions: 10 - 10.284 Installation Link: Manifest URL Update Notes: Read Notes