Package Description

This library is designed to help module developers expand context menus in parts of Foundry VTT that do not currently support modifying those menus.

Note: If you are not a module developer and you are not installing a module that requires this one, you probably don't need this module.



  • Hooks.on('_getCompendiumEntryContext', (compendium, html, entryOptions) => {});: This hook is called whenever a Compendium list is rendered. By modifying the contents of `entryOptions`, you can add, remove, or modify the contents of the context menu for each entry in the Compendium.
  • Hooks.on('_getModuleManagementEntryContext', (html, entryOptiosn) => {});: This hook is called whenever the Module Management application is rendered. By default no context menu is displayed here, but by adding to entryOptions you can introduce your own menu items.

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  1. Version 0.1.0

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