Minimum Requirements

While it is not possible to share exact hardware requirements for the software as the performance of the application depends heavily on the type of content and features that are used within a World, it is possible to provide some recommendations and basic requirements for a bare-minimum usage.

Client(player or GM) Minimum Requirements

Hosting Requirements

There are three main modes to host a Foundry server: Self-Hosted, Cloud Hosted, and Partner Hosted. Partner Hosted offloads the responsibility of server hardware to the hosting partner, so it needs no list of requirements here.

Self-hosted Minimum Requirements

Everything listed for client minimum requirements above, and:

Note: If your ISP provides an IPv6 address and your players can connect via IPv6 (confirmed via this link) there is a high possibility you do not need to set-up port forwarding, and your players will be able to connect to you via IPv6 instead, negating the need for Port-Forwarding.

Dedicated Server Minimum Requirements

The amount of memory required by the server process depends on the amount of data included in the game system and modules that are active within your world. Larger systems or worlds that use more content-intensive modules will require more RAM.