Hello dear supporters, I'm so happy to be able to type this note and share that pre-purchasing for Foundry Virtual Tabletop is now available on the official website. Purchasing will get you an immediately usable Foundry Virtual Tabletop software license and access to the software with the latest Beta 0.5.5 build.

Pre-purchasing Foundry Virtual Tabletop is available now from the official website!

I have chosen to term this "pre-purchase" rather than a full release (May 22) because I would like to emphasize that the software is still in Beta, and I expect to do a lot of work between now and May 22 on stability, bug fixes, and UX improvements. What you are purchasing is a pre-release version of the software and the opportunity to use it for your games and help provide feedback.

How To Purchase

To purchase Foundry Virtual Tabletop, follow these steps:

  1. Register a user account on the official website: https://foundryvtt.com/auth/register/ . You can (optionally) link your account with Patreon at the time of registration.
  2. Go to the Purchase page:  https://foundryvtt.com/purchase/ . Foundry Virtual Tabletop individual licenses cost $50 (plus tax). If you have access to a Discount Code (if you were a Patreon supporter during Beta) you should apply it before purchasing. More details on that below.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions and provide your payment information. Payment is handled by Stripe which is a trusted platform for secure online payments. They accept all manner of credit and bank cards including most foreign cards. Unfortunately no other payment methods are supported at this time.
  4. Once you purchase, after waiting a few seconds you will be redirected to your User Profile page where your newly issued software license will be available to use along with download links to the software.

Patreon Supporter Discounts

I never would have made it to this point without the devoted support of the Patreon community giving me encouragement, reinforcement, and constructive feedback. My supporters have contributed not only their money but their time towards making Foundry Virtual Tabletop possible, and I am happy to provide a one-time-use Patreon discount to current and past  Patrons based on your lifetime amount of support.

To redeem your Patreon discount use the discount code PATREON when purchasing a license. Your user account must be linked to Patreon and you must have been a Foundry supporter for the code to apply.

I wanted to be relatively generous with this discount, I feel very grateful to everyone who has helped seed the Foundry community, so I am pleased to share the details of the discount - the discount amount each supporter will receive is equal to two-thirds of your lifetime total support, rounded down to the nearest $5 interval.

What this means is that users who have a lifetime support of $5 do not receive a discount (sorry newbies!) while a user who has contributed $75 or more will receive the software for free.

Future of the Patreon Program

I'm not yet ready to share details about the future of Patreon just yet (too much to do all at once), but I will be posting on that topic next week (on or before April 24) and before the May 1 renewal date so that you can decide whether you wish to remain a Patreon supporter after that time. That upcoming post will detail changes to the Patreon supporter structure and my vision for the more limited post-release Patreon benefits which I will offer.

I'm thrilled to reach this milestone and can't wait to see what comes next for Foundry Virtual Tabletop and this community. Cheers and happy gaming!