Rolling Dice

At the core of most tabletop games is the requirement to roll dice. This page details the support for various dice macros which are provided by Foundry VTT. The software has a rich underlying API

Basic Rolls

For basic dice rolls, you and your players will most frequently type a formula in chat which is automatically parsed and evaluated to display a dice roll result. Dice roll formulas begin with either /roll or /r for short. The syntax for a basic roll imitates common RPGs where /roll ydX would roll an X-sided die y times. For example, /roll 5d6 would roll five six-sided dice (d6). Generally:

Dice rolls also accept modifiers after the roll which alter the behavior of the group of rolled dice. In general, roll modifiers work by adding extra syntax on to the end of the roll, /roll ydX{mods}.

Keep or Drop Results

A desired number of high or low rolls may be kept or dropped using the following roll modifiers.

Re-roll Certain Results

Specific results may be re-rolled by specifying a re-roll target or range.

Explode Certain Results

"Exploding" dice are supported where further dice of the same type are rolled until no more results of a certain value have been rolled.

Count Successes

You can roll a set of dice and count the number of times a certain result or range of results was achieved.

Margin of Success

Roll a set of dice and compare the total against some target, keeping the difference as the result.

Parenthetical Expressions

A parenthetical expression allows you to evaluate some inner component of a roll formula before evaluating the outer portion. This allows for options where the number, faces, or modifiers of a dice roll are themselves dynamic in some way. Parenthetical expressions are defined by enclosing the inner expression in parentheses. Some example uses of parenthetical expressions include:

Dice Pools

A dice pool allows you to evaluate a set of dice roll expressions and combine or choose certain results from the pool as the final total. This allows you to keep, combine, or count results across multiple rolled formulae. Dice pools are defined using comma separated roll terms within brackets. Some example uses of dice pools include: