Anticipated Features and TimelinesΒΆ

The following table attempts to articulate the major features which I am working to implement for various phases of development.

To keep track of the the latest status of the exact features being currently worked on, please see the public story board on GitLab:

Theme Feature Status
Application Flavors Dedicated Node.js Server (Windows, Mac, or Linux) Complete
  Windows Native Application Complete
  Linux Native Application Complete
  MacOS Native Application In Testing
  Automatic Updater Complete
  Dedicated Tablet Support Not Currently Planned
  Dedicated Mobile Application Not Currently Planned
Scenes Scene Entities, Configuration, and Permission Controls Complete
  Scene Directory, Folders, and Compendium Packs Complete
  Scene Navigation Bar and Transitions Complete
  Background Images or Video Complete
  Rich Text Scene Notes Complete
  Placeable Tiles - Images or Video Complete
  Map Notes with Linked Journal Entries Complete
  Linked Map Transitions Planned for Release
  Drawing Tools Planned for Release
Grid and Measurement Square Grid, Hexagonal Grid, and Gridless Modes Complete
  Ruler Measurement and Measured Movement Complete
  Waypoint Measurement and Movement Complete
  Area of Effect Template Measurement Complete
  Custom Measurement Template Textures Complete
  Isometric Grid Support Not Currently Planned
Walls and Doors Configurable Wall Types Complete
  Doors and Secret Doors Complete
  Invisible or Ethereal Walls Complete
  Terrain Walls Complete
  One-way Walls Complete
  Token Movement Collision with Walls Complete
  Chaining Wall Placement and Editing Complete
  DungeonFog Integration for Wall and Light Placement Complete (Module)
Lighting and Vision Pixel-Perfect Dynamic Vision, Line of Sight, and FOV Complete
  Bright and Dim Vision Modes Complete
  Persistent Fog of War Exploration Tracking Complete
  Global and Local Light Sources Complete
  Token-Emitted Light Sources Complete
  Darkness Sources Complete
  Light Source Tinting Planned for Release
Ambient Audio Dynamic Ambient Audio Sources Complete
  Global and Local Audio Sources Complete
  Volume Easing with Token Position Complete
Actors Actor Entities, Character Sheets, Tokens, and Permission Controls Complete
  Actors Directory, Folders, and Compendium Packs Complete
  Impersonated Characters Complete
  Drag and Drop Token Placement Complete
Tokens Placeable Actor Tokens Complete
  Position, Rotation, Scale, and Elevation Controls Complete
  Animated Video Tokens Complete
  Configurable Token Nameplates Complete
  Token Movement Animations Complete
  Primary and Secondary Resource Bars Complete
  Token Control HUD Complete
  Token Status Effect and Overlay Icons Complete
  Dynamic Vision, Line of Sight, and FOV Complete
  Token Emitted Light Sources Complete
  Visibility and Combat Controls Complete
  Spoken Chat Bubbles Complete
  Multiple Token Appearances per Actor Planned for Release
  Token Action Bar and Macros Planned for Release
Items Item Entities, Sheets, and Permission Controls Complete
  Items Directory, Folders, and Compendium Packs Complete
  Actor Owned Items Complete
  Drag and Drop Items for Actors Complete
  Item Chat Actions Complete
  Item Containers Planned for Release
  Items Placed Within a Scene Planned for Release
  Item Sound Effects Planned for Release
  Secret Item Properties Planned for Release
Combat and Turn Tracking Token Turn Tracking Complete
  Hidden Combat Participants Complete
  Configurable Initiative Rules Complete
  Combat Quick Controls Complete
  Multiple Combat Encounters Complete
  Player Turn Controls Complete
  Status Effect Tracking Planned for Release
Journal System Journal Chapters, Entries, and Permission Controls Complete
  Text and Image Journal Modes Complete
  Handout Journal Entries to Players Complete
  Journal Entries Linked as Map Notes Complete
  Secret Text Blocks Complete
  Linked Entity References Complete
  Video Journal Entries Planned for Release
  World Calendar Support Planned for Release
  Party Quest or Task Tracker Planned for Release
Chat Log Real-time Chat Messaging Complete
  In-character and out-of-character Messages Complete
  Emotes and Emote Messages Complete
  Rich HTML Messages Complete
  Spoken Chat Bubbles Complete
  Whispered Messages - Single or Multi-User Complete
  Chat Log Export to File Complete
Dice Rolling Dice Rolling API and Chat Syntax Complete
  Dynamic Actor Attribute References Complete
  Reroll Modifier Complete
  Keep/Drop Modifier Complete
  Exploding Dice Complete
  Success Count Modifier Complete
  FATE/Fudge Dice Complete
  Margin-of-Success Dice Complete
  Private Dice Rolls Complete
  Blind Dice Rolls Complete
  Dice Pools Planned for Release
  Inline Dice Rolls Planned for Release
  Roll Tables Planned for Release
  Card Decks Planned for Release
  Target attribute references Planned for Release
Audio Playlists Audio Playlists and Sound Tracks Complete
  Consecutive Playback Mode Complete
  Shuffle Playback Mode Complete
  Simultaneous Playback Mode Complete
  Soundboard Playback Mode Complete
  Global Volume Controls Complete
  Local Volume Overrides Complete
  Default Scene Audio Planned for Release
Event Triggers Event Triggers for Defining Scripted Events Planned for Release
  Arbitrary JavaScript Trigger Planned for Release
  Combat Encounter trigger Planned for Release
  Map Transition or Warp Trigger Planned for Release
  Token Visibility Trigger Planned for Release
  Audio Effect Trigger Planned for Release
  Game Pause Trigger Planned for Release
Special Effects Effect amations (fade/shake/etc..) Planned for Release
  Rain and Snow Planned for Release
  Wind and Fog Planned for Release
  Underwater bubbles Planned for Release
Gameplay Tools Player Cursor Tracking Complete
  GM Controlled Game Pause Mode Complete
  Map Pings Planned for Release
  Focus Player View Planned for Release
  File Browsing and Trusted Player Upload Capability Complete
  Audio or Video Chat Integration Not Currently Planned
  Looking for Group Tools Planned After Release
API, Systems, and Modules Fully-exposed client-side JavaScript API Complete
  User-defined Game Systems Complete
  User-defined Plug-and-Play Modules Complete
  Module Management Tools Complete
  World-level Custom Scripts and Styles Complete
  Shareable Compendium Content Complete
  Systems and Modules Repository Planned After Release