Frequently Asked Questions

What is your timeline? When will this be released?

I am an independent developer working on this as a hobby project. I am not working on this full time, however, I am making fast progress and the software is now in Alpha testing for groups of supporters and friends.

We are actively collecting feedback and working to continue improving the software for Beta testing which I hope will begin in early 2019. I currently anticipate that the first release version of the software will be ready by around July, 2019.

Opportunities to participate in Alpha or Beta testing phases is available by supporting the project on Patreon at

Why are you creating this software?

My primary investment in this project is not as a business venture but rather as a fan of the tabletop gaming genre and a dungeon master who loves creating rich experiences for players. I believe the tabletop RPG community deserves better from its software and I want to contribute towards that by creating technology that I would love to use and I think there’s a lot of opportunity for my work to benefit the gaming community.

What will this cost? What is your business model?

While my foremost objective is not business development, I do want to approach the project with a level of seriousness that could allow for it to grow and support whatever community chooses to form around it.

Foundry VTT will be sold as individual licenses sold for a moderate fee. Each individual license will allow a game master to host games for unlimited players (who do not need to purchase). I have no plans at this time to offer any sort of subscription service and there will not be any premium features or gated purchase tiers.

Additionally, I have a Patreon page where community members who wish to provide additional support and have more direct developer access to participate in development vision and prioritization discussions. Patreon pledges are absolutely not required and do not modify game features, but during the pre-release phases of the software Patreon supporters do recieve early access to the software.

How does this compare to ___ alternative VTT?

It’s a bit early to do feature comparisons as many design points and priorities are still evolving. I have attempted to articulate a list of Anticipated Features and Timelines. This list is continuing to evolve and grow. If there is a major feature or set of features you would like to see explicitly mentioned please don’t hesitate to reach out via email ( or in Discord.

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