May 02, 2022 Prototype Patch

Foundry Virtual Tabletop - Version 10 Prototype 2 Release Notes

Release Notes for Foundry Virtual Tabletop Version 10
Welcome to the Foundry Virtual Tabletop update notes for Version 10 Prototype 2.

We are very pleased to bring you all a bug-fixing focused update with Version 10 Prototype 2, Build 263. This release includes a number of important fixes to make testing Version 10 Prototype 2 easier so developers can continue providing feedback on our Journal V2, Document Data, and other changes. It also includes a few new quality of life features.

WARNING: Updates on the Prototype channel provide the implementation of major new features which are likely to introduce unforeseen bugs, breakages to existing game systems or modules, or other problems which will be disruptive to the usage of the software. Do not install this update unless you are doing so for the specific purposes of testing, it is not intended for use in 'live game' scenarios. The purpose of Prototype builds are to allow new experimental features to be tested and to help developers to begin the process of updating packages which are impacted by these changes. If you choose to update to this version you expose yourself to serious risk of having a bad experience. Please take this warning to heart.

Be certain to carefully back up any critical user data before installing this update (Follow this handy guide).

New Features

Documents and Data

  • Active effects using keys that begin with data are now automatically migrated to system. (7033)

Interface and Applications

  • All color input fields now make use of the {{colorPicker}} handlebars helper. (7037)
  • Folders in the sidebar directory for each document type extend a visual representation of their color beside contained documents when expanded. (7038)
  • Assigning a new User Data Path now copies all of the contents of the Config directory to ensure application level settings are maintained. (7040)
  • Scenes without a defined initial view position should now start with the canvas centered to fit the screen. (7043)
  • TinyMCE should once again have the Format dropdown. (7052)
  • Pings should no longer fire when the CTRL key is pressed to prevent accidental pings when doing ruler measurement or planning token movement. (7053)

API Improvements

Documents and Data

  • When using createDialog, the initially selected option now draws from CONFIG[documentName].defaultType. (7067)

Other Changes

  • The foundry.utils.isSubclass helper now uses Object.isPrototypeOf. (7064)

Bug Fixes

Architecture and Infrastructure

  • An invalid upstream system manifest should no longer cause worlds to fail to load. (7027)
  • Changing the release channel now correctly updates the server configuration. (7024)
  • Changing the User Data Path now correctly updates the configuration. (7026)
  • Web socket connections using the routePrefix setting should establish succesfully again. (7025)
  • Module#active's boolean should now appear correctly client-side. (7023)

Documents and Data

  • V9 Journal Entries should now be automatically converted to use the new JournalPage embedded document. (7030)
  • Importing scenes from JSON should now work as expected. (7035)
  • When adding a folder of Items to an Actor, they will now have the core.sourceId flag applied to track their origin. (7049)
  • Scenes saved with auto-populated width/height should now be correctly saved to the database. (7051)
  • Players should once again be able to open the TokenConfig sheet for their owned actors. (7055)
  • Calling the Document#clone method will now only bypass the prepareData workflow for embedded documents which are already assigned to their parent collection with a defined ID. (7045)
  • Objects provided to DataModel#data#update are now migrated to use system. (7036)
  • Importing documents from a compendium should work again. (7060)

The Game Canvas

  • The Drawing ellipse tool now converts width and height to absolute values since an upstream PIXI regression causes an error if these values are negative. (7034)
  • SpriteMeshes are now batched and include a from method to better match the core PIXI.Sprite. (7046)
  • Tokens should no longer be flipped as part of the V10 migration. (7029)

Interface and Applications

  • The search filter input on the Journal Sheet now correctly filters for specific Journal Entry Pages. (7022)
  • The sidebar directory tree now uses a tree-based data structure that no longer mutates the values of contained Documents and which should allow Playlists to import correctly again. (7028)
  • Cards should now display their name correctly using (7031)
  • Adding a Card face should once again work as expected. (7032)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the search field in Sidebar directories from correctly toggling the display of documents contained within subfolders. (7044)

Other Changes

  • FormDataExtended now only calls JSON.stringify to serialize Array-typed form data rather than all form fields. (7039)