Package Description

SBC | StatBlock-Converter for Pathfinder 1E

FoundryVTT Module to create new PC and NPC Actors from a text-based Statblock



Version 3.3 and upwards of SBC:

  • GameSystem: PF1 0.78.6
  • FoundryVTT: 0.8.6


Version 3.2.2 of SBC (see releases, no longer developed):

  • GameSystem: PF1 0.77.24
  • FoundryVTT: 0.7.8-0.7.9


How to Use

1.  Copy a Statblock for the creature, enemy or npc you want to generate (beginning with the name).

2.  In the Actor Directory tab of foundry, click on "Import Statblock"

3.  Paste the Statblock into the textarea and confirm with enter



SBC is never finished, so not all data will be parsed or may be parsed/calculated incorrectly.

If you find any errors or have a statblock that can't be converted at all, feel free to open an issue on Github or let me know on the FoundryVTT Discord.


What gets converted

Mostly everything apart from treasure i think.

A Copy of the imported data is included as a statblock in the notes section



Known Bugs

*  Not all Statblocks are equally formatted. As long as its reasonably well formed, it should work. If not, check the highlighted areas in the input, the preview or the error area. If thats not helpful, try the Dev Console (F12) or contact me.

*  See Issues on Github for known bugs. If you find anythings thats not noted there, please include it


To Do

* Finishing the parsing of offense data

* **Bug Fixing**



Primer#2220 | FoundryVTT Discord

Required Game Systems

  1. Pathfinder 1 Latest Version: Version 0.79.8 Last Updated 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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  1. Content Importers

Available Versions

  1. Version 3.0.0-alpha2

  2. Version 3.0.0-alpha3

  3. Version 3.0.1

  4. Version 3.0.2

  5. Version 3.0.3

  6. Version 3.1.0

  7. Version 3.1.1

  8. Version 3.1.4

  9. Version 3.2.0

  10. Version 3.2.1

  11. Version 3.2.2

  12. Version 3.3.0

  13. Version 3.3.1